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Malin BeckmanSigned: 14:21, 29/11/2012
Jimmy ErikssonSigned: 18:33, 24/11/2012
Dounia DouniaSigned: 11:08, 23/11/2012
Robert HedbergSigned: 17:51, 22/11/2012
David UppmanSigned: 14:05, 20/11/2012
Jonathan AnderssonSigned: 20:20, 03/11/2012
"By signing The Free World Charter, I agree to a better world; for me, for every other living being on this planet today, and for future generations of all species. I believe in a world free from money, poverty, environmental degradation, and war. I belive that every living being on the earth can be far more prosperous than today, and continue to live this way for many, many years. Life should not be poor, destructive, or false. Life ought to be good, for all. I belive in life."
Jon JakobssonSigned: 12:33, 02/11/2012
Anneli HeikkinenSigned: 13:00, 31/10/2012
Hedy HedinhoSigned: 20:24, 30/10/2012
"There is a lot of follow-up questions that is needed to be answered, and be refered to fact."
Johan StenbergSigned: 18:43, 27/10/2012
Jon OdhammerSigned: 18:34, 27/10/2012
Gorm SundbergSigned: 15:07, 27/10/2012
"Let's pool our resources and buy an island! Let's try it and see if it scales."
Anneli HeikkinenSigned: 14:37, 27/10/2012
Daniel OdhammerSigned: 12:33, 27/10/2012
jimmy erikssonSigned: 21:40, 26/10/2012
Jim CarlssonSigned: 14:09, 26/10/2012
Johan VallinSigned: 01:23, 26/10/2012
"To fully understand our potential as human beings, we must first aknowledge. Leaving someone behind is leaving apart of ourselfs. "
Johan EmanuelssonSigned: 00:11, 26/10/2012
Mattias RostockSigned: 23:19, 25/10/2012
"I like this allot, i hope this and every other things/moments/suggestions that is now in motion, is the start of change for an free humanity!. I live in a place where most people have it well, but we still got humans on the streets begging, and i see more and more people that have no jobs or cant get one, and therefor in our monetary society will not get money and a very hard getting by. People want jobs they don't want, for money that's mad! As i understand it, in the text: the idea is the most important thing, not who how wrote it. New ideas come from old ones!. That was the best part, thank you! //Mattias"
Christopher AsplundSigned: 17:49, 25/10/2012
Daniel BävernäsSigned: 12:42, 25/10/2012
Tom BlomströmSigned: 11:01, 25/10/2012
martin strömSigned: 21:36, 16/10/2012
Börje NilssonSigned: 20:37, 06/10/2012
"Many people want to change the world but not how so then forget it and continue as before. We have to start somewhere in the areas we have expertise to oversee."
Linda HalmeSigned: 10:01, 04/10/2012
Egil Borg BromeeSigned: 13:14, 29/09/2012
"This is the only future if we want a good world!"
Patrik NordquistSigned: 13:35, 23/09/2012
Helena BotwidSigned: 14:38, 16/09/2012
Cathrine TönnvikSigned: 10:23, 06/09/2012
Anette BäckerlövSigned: 21:45, 02/09/2012
Erik RuthSigned: 10:07, 31/08/2012
Linus KarlssonSigned: 22:16, 30/08/2012
Lars BeijbomSigned: 07:35, 25/08/2012
Jan KarlssonSigned: 06:36, 21/08/2012
"We have the knowlege. We have begun to realise the insights. Now all we need is the willpower to overcome our fears. Trading LIFE for economic survival is not Liberty. Liberty is freedom form both fear and survival. No LIFE need sto earn the right to live."
Anna JagielloSigned: 20:55, 19/08/2012
"Pragne lepszego zycia dla potomkow wszystkich gatunkow... "
Attilio LazzaroSigned: 20:48, 15/08/2012
Magnus BjörkegrenSigned: 21:20, 12/08/2012
Therese GenbergSigned: 14:34, 08/08/2012
Eva JohanssonSigned: 23:41, 07/08/2012
Madeleine SöderströmSigned: 21:11, 07/08/2012
Jessica PerssonSigned: 17:17, 07/08/2012
"Love is the only way. Give love unconditionally and you will recieve."
Sigfrid Pettersson Signed: 16:54, 07/08/2012
Agneta LyrhagenSigned: 15:59, 07/08/2012
Rosa AxelssonSigned: 15:56, 07/08/2012
Jakob TammiSigned: 12:45, 07/08/2012
"Allt detta är ju egentligen självklarheter som kommer i skymundan genom att en del av oss människor med sin osläckliga girighet förstör det för alla andra. Detta måste ändras."
Susanna Ljungberg Signed: 12:40, 07/08/2012
"Äntligen är vi på rätt väg! Bra initiativ. Viktigt. Det känns så himla rätt."
Gunilla CransSigned: 12:28, 07/08/2012
Annette WahlgrenSigned: 11:37, 07/08/2012
"We, my husband and I, have started a foundation called The Conscious Future Foundation in order to take advantage of our human resources in a better way. We think that today's society is wasted these resources, and we want to do something about that. The Free World Charters ideas are consistent with those we have."
Alf AnderssonSigned: 10:42, 07/08/2012
Veronica BergSigned: 10:34, 07/08/2012

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