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Tariq JubranSigned: 10:19, 19/07/2014
Mousa AabedSigned: 21:30, 19/06/2014
Sharbel MbarikiSigned: 21:21, 19/06/2014
فارس جودةSigned: 15:59, 18/06/2014
Jeries ShomaliSigned: 21:55, 17/01/2014
Somar AhmedSigned: 12:19, 02/10/2013
kamal taweelSigned: 19:42, 01/10/2013
mahmoud shraimSigned: 12:11, 27/09/2013
Munjed BaliSigned: 11:49, 20/09/2013
ibrahim khairSigned: 01:24, 19/08/2013
"I wonder if there's a way(s) I, as an individual, can help with the change. I'm sick of these sessions about finishing school, college, find a job and help support the family. I want to support my family by moving into this kindda society. I'm trying my best spreading the word among my generation in my society, becauaw honestly I find it hard to convince elders in the cause and minors are simply not aware enough. Any suggestions and helps are highly appreciated. Thanks"
Murad SulaimanSigned: 19:25, 20/01/2013
emad nazzalSigned: 08:27, 28/05/2012
"إذا كنا قد وجدنا على هذه الأرض سواء باختيارنا او بعدمه ، فواجبنا تجاه الحياة على الأقل أن نحاول استخدامها بإيجابية ، وأعني بالايجابية هنا أن نحيا بسعادة ، السعادة بكل وجوهها ( الأمن - الصحة - التعلم - العمل - الحرية - المساواة - الاكتفاء - والأمل ) كل الأنظمة السابقة بما فيها الدينية كانت غير كافية لتأمين كل هذه الضروريات مجتمعة ، هل هو فعلا صعب أن نصنع نظاما يعي ماهي الحياة ويوفر تماما مقوماتها . "
Majd AlkhateebSigned: 04:34, 02/03/2012
Mujahed DameriSigned: 08:58, 13/01/2012
Haneen QassemSigned: 16:58, 12/01/2012
"I still don't get one thing. If anyone can get whatever they want why would they work? Or study? Or do anything at all! It's not fair for a doctor who has been studying for more than 7 years to get as much as a person who contributes nothing or little to the world, working has to be obligatory because if that case happens, then there is no justice. And if working is obligatory then we're back to where we are now. Plus, it's also unfair if my neighbour can get 10 cars if he wants to! He'll harm nature, there should be rules for ownership like you can only own 1 car or something similar. "
haytham bakrounSigned: 02:34, 24/10/2011
johnny lionSigned: 21:59, 29/04/2011
Sameer QumsiyehSigned: 14:42, 19/03/2011

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