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The Free World Charter

"Let's make everything free"

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Ginika IfeabunikeSigned: 10:36, 24/07/2022
"I am passionate about a world where people have access to the highest quality of life possible."
osahon GodswillSigned: 13:20, 13/04/2021
Blaze S. Nissi I Signed: 23:31, 01/04/2020
"I read the writings of good men(and women) and was inspired to build a New Society - Heaven Town Vision"
Ajakaiye EfosaSigned: 14:06, 14/07/2019
Bright LightworkerSigned: 21:17, 16/12/2018
"In a world controlled by money, people don't get what they want, they only get what their money can afford. This is not what life should be."
Joseph RankinSigned: 11:20, 30/03/2018
Shaweel AbimbolaSigned: 12:12, 06/02/2018
Kyenshak DabengSigned: 17:03, 05/11/2017
"The truth of this vision resonates with me at an atomic level."
Richard UdehSigned: 14:13, 20/08/2017
"Greetings brother "
Abraham Nosakhare OgievaSigned: 09:27, 20/11/2016
Riebelle MatthewSigned: 10:43, 01/07/2014
"It's a very lovely concept that will change the world."
Godstime Abel Chike OkereSigned: 07:45, 16/01/2014
Muda Olasunkanmi KawoniseSigned: 14:30, 21/10/2013
"How beautiful the world will be, when all humanity will truly care for each other without consideration for material wealth, race or religion? We hope that one day the charter will be considered and adopted by countries of the world."
fato adekunleSigned: 07:29, 24/04/2013
Mubaraq Shams-IbrahimSigned: 00:15, 01/04/2013
Saheed ArasanmiSigned: 18:08, 08/03/2013
"I'm Nigerian-Italian,a second generation immigrant. My grandparents used to tell me how people in Nigeria were happy and fulfilled before they knew of petrol,contrary to the popular belief that money brings happiness,it was a disaster for a money virgin country like ours and we know how it went.My parents are here in Italy and they are not happy,but as living beings they have to survive,living a life not even theirs anymore because enslaved to money just to make money in oter to survive.I wish to break my parents and billions of others from this cycle. I'm studying Biology,to be an Ecologist and do everything in my knowledge to make this wish possible,for a green energy world and perhaps why not for people to be able to claim themselves citizen of planet Earth as a community and not just a country. "
Gbemileke PeterSigned: 10:07, 18/02/2013
"These facts of the charter are what the heavens craves for man now. And I in particular is the major instrument. Please, I'm having a contribution ; but how do I drop it for the charter."
Femi FadipeSigned: 12:03, 19/12/2012
George Uche Anijah-ObiSigned: 14:16, 04/10/2012
ajala ibrahimSigned: 19:45, 23/06/2012
Israel IbrahimSigned: 20:26, 08/04/2012
Alfonso BasultoSigned: 04:15, 19/12/2011
Donald EffiongSigned: 13:20, 28/08/2011

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