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Kimberley FleitzSigned: 02:57, 05/11/2011
jose garciaSigned: 23:42, 03/11/2011
"good idea, but I'm confused. don't we need money to start? we need to buy stuf and a space to work"
jacinto slimSigned: 20:23, 28/10/2011
Dulcy TellecheaSigned: 01:51, 21/10/2011
Juan MagandaSigned: 00:44, 15/10/2011
"It is time to make a stop, a pause, to think all the damage and pain that we have done to the world and ourselves, we can change that, just because we started all, if we don't do it now, maybe will be too late tomorrow."
Nidia MinjaresSigned: 01:13, 14/10/2011
Mario AlbertoSigned: 01:11, 14/10/2011
Jorge Irineo de la vegaSigned: 05:30, 06/10/2011
"Go to the free world!!."
Gabriel Andrés López EscobarSigned: 04:06, 05/10/2011
Jorge UrestiSigned: 01:18, 01/10/2011
Rodrigo MuñozalteaSigned: 12:52, 14/09/2011
"I've been part of The zeitgeist movement for over 3 years I'm all in for TFWCH!! We should combine efforts!! TZM is no longer affiliated with The Venus project so we are practically the same now! =) "
Ed DominguezSigned: 23:26, 12/09/2011
"Excellent Work! "
Anabell Castañeda HerreraSigned: 15:44, 07/09/2011
"Is time to be responsable and to do what is right not what is "convenient".. The system is obsolete and THINGS GOT TO CHANGE.. RE EVOLUTION TIME!!"
Yolitzma VillalobosSigned: 00:08, 04/09/2011
"We want a best world"
Juan Pablo GonzálezSigned: 23:40, 02/09/2011
Jorge Reza Holguín RezaSigned: 08:29, 02/09/2011
"Excelente proyecto, magnificas ideas. Saludos. J. Reza H."
Gonzalo JaimeSigned: 21:10, 01/09/2011
Jorge OsunaSigned: 06:40, 31/08/2011
Carlos CabreraSigned: 18:22, 27/08/2011
Ivan RegaladoSigned: 01:18, 25/08/2011
"for this iniciative to become truth we need the aid of every single person in this planet, I just hope we can do it on time to revert all the damage we have done to society itself."
flor zatarainSigned: 22:40, 24/08/2011
"when we leave all our materialism then we all be free "
Sigfried SeiterSigned: 00:30, 11/08/2011
Lupita AlferezSigned: 00:51, 09/07/2011
"Thank you for bringing back people to utopia "
Johann Anton OellersSigned: 15:00, 07/07/2011
"Great! I just have a question: Do you have the same information also in Spanish and German? Peace from Mexico! Project Lights Out ( "
Luis CoronaSigned: 10:00, 03/07/2011
carlos villarrealSigned: 23:39, 01/07/2011
"i am sick and tired of hearing unemployment and inequalities for all of us. especially my generation in mexico, where there is no other way than to have a life of a drug dealer or to be an assasin. this decaying system must go!! no more violence in mexico & in the world "
CESAR PEREZSigned: 14:36, 01/07/2011
"I live in an intentional community thriving for 40 years (, and the principles described here are real not something idealistic but achievable"
Beatriz MatiellaSigned: 21:47, 29/06/2011
" Lets do this all together as humans, keep the ego away from this."
Ericks CruzSigned: 15:40, 29/06/2011
Raymundo AlonsoSigned: 02:26, 28/06/2011
JULIO CESAR OVIEDO ARGUELLESSigned: 22:53, 27/06/2011
Pilar CardenasSigned: 21:39, 27/06/2011
José J. Aragonés PardoSigned: 19:41, 27/06/2011
Enrique NovalSigned: 19:24, 27/06/2011
mauricio espinosaSigned: 17:19, 27/06/2011
B. Alfonso Rodríguez M.Signed: 21:26, 24/06/2011
"Ambiciosa la carta, las intenciones y propósitos, pero indispensable comenzar ya para lograrlo. Encierran tremendos retos, solo por comentar, v.g., los más ricos viajan mucho y en todos los medios de transporte disponibles; los más pobres (que son la inmensa mayoría de la población mundial), también tienen derecho a viajar y querrán hacerlo... como se solucionará ese gran problema que se presentaría, porque sería absurdo pensar en contruir los miles y miles de medios de transporte que harían falta; qué orden habría para ello, etc. Y lo mismo pasaría con la ropa, los espectáculos, con todo, absolutamente todo. Otro ejemplo, los alimentos, los mejores alimentos -pescado, res, pollo, camarones, salmón, caviar, etc.-, todo mundo tendría derecho a degustarlos, pero cómo se organizaría su distribución y dotación... Saludos y gracias por esta iniciativa, por el bien del mundo y de todos los que en él vivimos..."
Manuel MartinezSigned: 19:32, 24/06/2011
"I love the idea! I hope everybody could agree on this"
RAUL YBARRASigned: 19:03, 24/06/2011
Cristina EscalonaSigned: 18:33, 24/06/2011
Rodrigo YbarraSigned: 17:21, 24/06/2011
"I agree completely and will spread the word. Thanks!"
Gabriel OliveraSigned: 17:17, 24/06/2011
Sergio lopez ValeroSigned: 06:09, 22/06/2011
"could this be possible? i believe i can, but ive lost faith in humanity. we are. wether you like it or not, evil by nature, we could behave but what if in this new era you suggest. Someone does not behave as it should?"
Javier PerezSigned: 02:15, 22/06/2011
Tamara EngelsSigned: 01:39, 22/06/2011
Sara GasparottoSigned: 19:03, 17/06/2011
SALVADOR MOJICASigned: 07:08, 13/06/2011
Oscar R. Rodriguez Signed: 17:44, 04/06/2011
"Is time for the freedom "
JULIAN GONZALEZ ESPARZASigned: 22:07, 29/05/2011
Jean-Claude O'DonnellSigned: 02:55, 26/05/2011
Augusto VeraSigned: 20:14, 20/05/2011
"We all need to do this, for the betterment of the entire human race."

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