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The Free World Charter

"Let's make everything free"

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Elaine ChristopherSigned: 19:18, 27/10/2012
"This is what the human race needs right now. Compassion and love must be the foundations for our future. "
Myriam HaarSigned: 01:04, 06/08/2012
"I disagree with #8. Though I agree to the principle I strongly feel that what got us in trouble is logic and reason. I believe that those 2 are located in the left hemisphere of the brain, it more often than not represents the ego. I would suggest that we get to know the right hemisphere and embrace it, develop the faculty of being guided by it. It represents creativity, feelings, empathy, love; the soul often reveals itself through the right side of the brain. Those attributes are going to be of vital importance if we want to implement this charter in the future. Thank you for coming up with this charter, I could easily live with it."
Elaine ChristopherSigned: 04:39, 12/07/2012
Anne LEBOUCHARDSigned: 10:04, 16/05/2012

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