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The Free World Charter

"Let's make everything free"

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Julia MasiniSigned: 22:34, 11/02/2015
leili gueranfarSigned: 09:01, 10/02/2015
Véronique Lartigau Signed: 09:05, 26/09/2013
"Merci pour cette charte et le projet qu'elle sous-tend, cela correspond tellement à ce que je pense depuis très longtemps, vous m'avez redonné espoir au moment où je commençais à baisser les bras et à ne plus y croire. J'adhère à 100% et je vais faire passer le message au plus de gens possibles. YES WE CAN :) "
marie damonSigned: 19:43, 22/09/2013
célia lartigauSigned: 20:42, 20/09/2013
mario velona'Signed: 16:42, 01/05/2011
"Dear Jaques and All, I agree 110% on your 10 FWC's points and I'd like to add 1 more fundamental One: 0. Every children of the "new world without money and profit" MUST be first educated on ONE only subject: Who They Are, in terms of understanding, realizing and living the TRUE Nature of themselves: a Single but Unified Being with the All. Because only that "One and All Being", potentially every one of us, can put in practice the 11 (10 of yours plus 1 of mine) Principles and transform this planet into Paradise on Earth...;) With UNCONDITIONAL LOVE Mario"

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