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The Free World Charter

"Let's make everything free"

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Daniel AlagiyawannaSigned: 11:50, 02/06/2015
"However few people seem to respond to your efforts ... rest assured the world and it's people need the FWC <3"
Jehan AnsarSigned: 01:58, 16/01/2014
Channa De SilvaSigned: 16:03, 23/10/2013
JORGE PRADO MUÑOZSigned: 02:01, 12/08/2013
"estoy de acuerdo."
Lakshitha AbeywickramaSigned: 18:42, 23/12/2012
Jo NashSigned: 07:50, 10/07/2012
Denise BurgessSigned: 18:28, 19/04/2012
Pedro LiébanaSigned: 12:53, 29/03/2012
Alonso RodriguezSigned: 20:10, 14/03/2012
Miguel Angel GutierrezSigned: 19:01, 14/03/2012
Kushan Kushan WeerasuriyaSigned: 07:58, 25/01/2012
"While I agree with all the above, how can you address the inherent greed of humans to always want more & more? As I see it, the problem is someone will always want more, thus the next person will want more & this goes on & on. Please e-mail me with a solution that you have planned for this. "
Uta Gunawardena Signed: 11:26, 23/01/2012
Daniel AlagiyawannaSigned: 11:31, 20/01/2012
"Let us work towards our common goal to create a sustainable future world, for our children's children sake, in which we all can live a life without inequality, war, slavery and any privileged caste. Equality for all - NoOne is more equal than anyone else."
Dulntha DassanayakeSigned: 15:27, 10/10/2011
"Living close to the nature is the best way for protecting the long time existence of the entire world."
Kumaran SanmugathasanSigned: 10:08, 08/09/2011
S. K.Signed: 08:34, 11/06/2011

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