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Freya MetzSigned: 16:15, 18/01/2017
Sky LamSigned: 11:07, 17/12/2015
Simon GiSigned: 07:28, 05/12/2015
Bill JuringtonSigned: 20:23, 17/03/2014
"We must boldly go where no man has gone before."
john foleySigned: 08:50, 02/07/2013
"I'm sick to death of some of the greediest sociopaths on the planet running the whole show. Hopefully their arrogance will bring us to a point where we can show them where the real power is. They can only do this to us as long as we allow them to."
Vlado VladovSigned: 22:35, 26/03/2013
Patrick MacPhersonSigned: 17:34, 07/06/2012
marcel neouSigned: 20:57, 23/02/2012

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