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The Free World Charter

"Let's make everything free"

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Eliud Omutanyi Signed: 23:56, 30/09/2020
"I would really like to be part of your community. "
Mwangi WaweruSigned: 21:58, 27/04/2020
Peter KaranjaSigned: 12:37, 03/02/2020
"We must change this world for the benefit of all. God has given us enough knowledge and technologicall advancement to overcome most of human's challenges. If we embraced each and every invention mankind has come up with,without caring who will get credit we could have solved over 90% of today's problems. Think of Nikola Tesla, Staneley Meyer and today's Mehran Travakori Keshe just to mention a few. Human greed killed their inventions."
Raymond AnangiSigned: 11:43, 30/12/2018
"Our sole purpose is to seek the unknown for the benefit of all,to live in harmony with all species and our environ.Thanks"
Nick SaviniSigned: 14:26, 06/02/2018
ANGUS PARKINSONSigned: 12:18, 24/08/2017
Avoiding UnnecessarySufferingSigned: 07:08, 21/08/2017
Leah NjengaSigned: 21:00, 24/04/2017
"May this Free World Charter be a vital tool in awakening many a sleeping masses, and creating a more sustainable world for all. "
Jackson MusauSigned: 14:08, 01/03/2017
"Today is the first day of the rest of our lives. Let's do it!"
Ian Ichung'wahSigned: 14:45, 05/02/2017
Michael LalampaaSigned: 06:34, 06/10/2016
kenya GikuyuSigned: 16:24, 19/04/2016
Joel Gacheru Signed: 03:19, 14/03/2016
John OdangaSigned: 09:31, 07/12/2015
"Let's change the world!"
Rodney BandariSigned: 19:33, 28/11/2015
"The cause will 'materialize', within this generation or the next... "
Leeroy LazimaSigned: 20:19, 15/06/2015
Daniel NyairoSigned: 12:22, 05/03/2015
Moses OpondoSigned: 11:55, 09/09/2014
Jalang'o OmbokeSigned: 07:17, 10/04/2014
"I acknowledges my responsibility to maintain a diverse and sustainable biosphere for all future life to enjoy."
ČRV GLISTIČSigned: 13:08, 18/06/2013
"unga lunga bugule čaka muri firu ;)"
Michael PelikolSigned: 11:59, 10/06/2013
"hail to the brave new earth! "
Amina KomboSigned: 02:15, 15/05/2013
bobby kaindiSigned: 12:38, 27/03/2013
"This is a beautiful thing you are doing, ihope hope i see this new world before i die. "
Somar HomehSigned: 18:45, 07/01/2013
"Let's make the choices that will change our future, let's live abundantly and respect all that we co-exsit with so we live harmoniously with each other, with nature and the animal kingdom by not allowing money to enslave us any longer! "
kiburi kogiSigned: 14:02, 31/10/2012
Wallace KanandaSigned: 21:04, 28/02/2012
"Our world can be free! Free of poverty... injustice... needless despair... resource wars... crimes for cash... etc. "
rajesh jethwaSigned: 11:10, 24/02/2012
Rushika JethwaSigned: 11:05, 24/02/2012
Rupal JethwaSigned: 11:00, 24/02/2012
Salim KomboSigned: 15:26, 10/11/2011
Robert OmariSigned: 19:46, 30/04/2011

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