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عبد المنعم السمارهSigned: 23:44, 10/12/2017
"فكرة رائعة واتمنى ان يصل البشر الى هذا الميثاق وتوقع عليه كبرى الدول !"
Karim ShashaniSigned: 04:32, 11/10/2016
Mohammad Etoum Signed: 06:08, 14/02/2016
Mohanad Al-karajehSigned: 13:05, 12/01/2016
tareq bni khaledSigned: 20:03, 11/01/2016
الهام Elham العبادي AlabbadiSigned: 15:04, 11/01/2016
"التنوع الحيوي. المجتمعات المحلية. التعليم الحر التفاعلي. والزراعه "
Ahmad Hadder Signed: 19:54, 28/12/2015
"A world without money is not only possible but is also a much better world than the one we live in today"
Jumana SayedSigned: 20:40, 20/07/2015
musab alqaiduhSigned: 23:11, 02/07/2015
assam zoubiSigned: 22:41, 22/05/2015
Rania KhourySigned: 08:08, 21/02/2015
Jamil AhmadSigned: 16:24, 21/06/2014
علي المعتصمSigned: 20:04, 18/06/2014
"الوعي و الضمير الانساني و العودة للطبيعة و الفطرة"
أحمد العجوريSigned: 17:52, 18/06/2014
Nashat NimerSigned: 15:46, 18/06/2014
احمد حسينSigned: 15:31, 18/06/2014
amer mohammadSigned: 17:35, 03/05/2014
Majd AfifiSigned: 00:40, 03/05/2014
Rajae QandahSigned: 00:26, 03/05/2014
"That is a part of the heaven and We have to do this all together . Amen for that "
Zaid AtoutSigned: 19:51, 01/03/2014
"It is completely absurd that our world revolves around pieces of paper which WE create and yet always seem to be lacking. Children go starving and families are homeless because they lack money. People do not have the basic right of medical care because they do not have money and end up dying. It is utterly inhumane that this is the way our world operates, and it does nothing but inhibit our growth as a species and hinder our development both technologically and spiritually. "
FADI JABAJISigned: 11:59, 02/10/2013
Tahir FawazSigned: 23:03, 01/10/2013
Yara FadelSigned: 01:34, 19/08/2013
Musa QubaSigned: 01:31, 19/08/2013
MAHMOUD HUSSAM KHATERSigned: 15:45, 26/03/2013
salma Abu AzoumSigned: 10:46, 24/03/2013
اريج سالم Signed: 00:26, 29/11/2012
moe shadidSigned: 19:44, 07/11/2012
Bilal QaryoutiSigned: 13:27, 13/07/2012
"i Hope this will come ture. a world without money."
acid hushkiSigned: 16:57, 06/06/2012
Vanna HaddadSigned: 04:14, 06/04/2012
Fares NaberSigned: 17:37, 28/02/2012
Omar AlashramSigned: 03:54, 12/01/2012
"We might not live to see this happen, but lets do it for our grandchildren."
Hisham BustaniSigned: 12:34, 07/09/2011
"Relocating the human individual back into the grander society of the biosphere as just another organism relying on fellow organisms and resources; ending human universal "centralism"; ending consumerism; ending capitalism and the monetary system; are the pillars for a just, sustainable future."
Fadi AmirehSigned: 03:24, 31/08/2011
"This is the project of the "New Human".. Thank you"
samer halabiSigned: 09:20, 12/08/2011
Deema FarahSigned: 18:50, 10/08/2011
Alaa BannaSigned: 08:22, 10/08/2011
"I wish you all success! Through my entire life I have always believed in the unfairness of the current system, resources are illogically and meaninglessly distributed over the countries where only few people are benefiting most of the resources of the world and others are suffering lack of it. We are one world, we share the same problems and future, we should indeed look into a solution all together for a better future for everyone!"
Mohammed Ghaleb Al-SharifSigned: 15:05, 01/07/2011
sawsan Al-faris TawfiqSigned: 12:52, 17/05/2011

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