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Giuliano GafforiniSigned: 11:56, 25/10/2011
Marco Il NegroSigned: 11:16, 25/10/2011
Antonio ParrellaSigned: 21:15, 24/10/2011
"La normale evoluzione è un futuro senza soldi :-)"
paola ragusaSigned: 10:47, 24/10/2011
ALMA IANNELLISigned: 23:21, 21/10/2011
Nicola BusanelloSigned: 12:49, 19/10/2011
"A sensible man knows you can not please everybody. A wise man knows you can not please anybody."
Cerami GiovanniSigned: 08:35, 19/10/2011
Paola FerracutiSigned: 20:58, 18/10/2011
Paola FerracutiSigned: 20:37, 18/10/2011
"Sarebbe bello riuscire a non vedere più nel denaro l'unico mezzo di sostentamento per le persone. "
Balbi PiergiorgioSigned: 23:00, 15/10/2011
Daniele PoddigheSigned: 01:03, 13/10/2011
so fiore fioreSigned: 23:14, 12/10/2011
Massimiliano MaxSigned: 23:07, 12/10/2011
"Sicuramente questo sistema avrà bisogno di essere perfezionato,non penso che bastino 10 semplici regole, ma sarebbe molto bello riuscire ad attuarlo."
nino aleoSigned: 09:29, 12/10/2011
"i love you. i'm sure gift economy and salubrios love must and so will be our common future. we only should directing our life towards those future world where umanity is happy and in peace. god bless energy that takes form, in this dimension, of the matter"
Maria RussoSigned: 21:57, 11/10/2011
Giovanna BaccariSigned: 12:25, 11/10/2011
simona sergiSigned: 10:36, 11/10/2011
"I think it's great!!! come on people, we can be really free!"
Iris SimariSigned: 17:56, 10/10/2011
Rosario RanieriSigned: 09:37, 10/10/2011
"I want more freedom...i wait for a long time events like this...Go Guys!"
Dario DenticeSigned: 21:56, 09/10/2011
Tiziana RonchiettoSigned: 23:28, 07/10/2011
"Paradise on Earth is coming finally! "
Roberto CasileSigned: 02:38, 07/10/2011
Raffaele RossiSigned: 18:15, 06/10/2011
sergio sorrentiSigned: 22:56, 04/10/2011
"Nice chart. we need to restart from something after the world as we know will collapse. more science more activity not just for more money but for more real progress i am tired of this world, let's change it thanks to the real progress made until now we can find new way and new more ethical solution for everithing. tnx"
Gherculescu RaduSigned: 20:19, 04/10/2011
Razvan Adrian PopoiuSigned: 13:37, 03/10/2011
Claudia RamozziSigned: 12:38, 03/10/2011
Sara De LucaSigned: 20:24, 02/10/2011
Massimo verdino moselloSigned: 03:07, 01/10/2011
Ezio MaranoSigned: 00:58, 01/10/2011
"I'm a 5 months old member of The Zeitgeist Movement, so this is nothing new to me. It was amazing when I first read about The Venus Project and then The Zeitgeist Movement, I really thought that I was born in accordance with these principles."
francesco RolloSigned: 17:17, 29/09/2011
Francesco SpinelliSigned: 16:06, 28/09/2011
Carbognin AntonioSigned: 14:35, 24/09/2011
"it's all so simple and real, there's no reasons not to do it; except for the last two point of your list, in my opinion, at the moment, the most important and necessary to grow an entirely new world society based on fairness, common sense and survival. thank you ciao Antonio"
Enrico TedeschiSigned: 11:30, 24/09/2011
Calautti DomenicoSigned: 19:06, 23/09/2011
Alexandru BejenaruSigned: 14:58, 23/09/2011
Stefano BaldassariSigned: 12:37, 23/09/2011
VERONICA ZEGARELLISigned: 12:12, 23/09/2011
Giuseppe BazzuSigned: 11:41, 23/09/2011
Mauro LoretiSigned: 13:00, 22/09/2011
"This is the New "Costitution Paper" of Umanity ... ;-)"
Barbara MazzaSigned: 10:47, 22/09/2011
"..beautiful initiative <3"
Daniel IversenSigned: 21:42, 21/09/2011
domenico michele salduttoSigned: 21:53, 20/09/2011
"Sarebbe stupendo un mondo come enunciato da questi principi, Sarebbe stato ancora stupendo se questo dal inizio si fosse verificato, ma la risposta credo sia si e verificato ma l'uomo lo ha rovinato, Noi lo dobbiamo ricomporre w il mondolibero."
Francesco PizzoSigned: 07:53, 20/09/2011
Pietro FortunatoSigned: 23:08, 19/09/2011
daniele marcellinoSigned: 22:04, 19/09/2011
Paolo BenuzziSigned: 17:22, 18/09/2011
daniela gombaniSigned: 07:33, 17/09/2011
Arkadij BucciSigned: 22:47, 10/09/2011
giovanni sferzaSigned: 18:53, 07/09/2011
"Is a dream that could become true if everybody will be able to share the dream each other."

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