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The Free World Charter

"Let's make everything free"

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Nilufar SaeidiSigned: 16:18, 10/05/2022
Marzieh golestaniSigned: 23:58, 11/01/2022
shayan rashidiSigned: 08:27, 24/08/2021
Saeed RashidiSigned: 10:41, 23/08/2021
Hassan ReshidiSigned: 10:20, 23/08/2021
Hassan ReshidiSigned: 10:14, 23/08/2021
Sara rezaeiSigned: 10:06, 23/08/2021
Niloofar ShSigned: 23:22, 20/07/2021
Elsa HosseiniSigned: 09:52, 20/07/2021
Mahya AshrafiSigned: 06:13, 20/07/2021
"خداوند یکتا همراهمان برای آزادی همیشگی سیاره زمین"
Shirin GolshenasSigned: 00:14, 02/12/2020
"I agree with a free earth full of joy, happiness, love and prosperity for all creatures on the planet. Towards a free, conscious and loving world.❤️??"
Fahim SharifSigned: 15:47, 20/04/2020
yasser kheyriSigned: 17:12, 19/02/2020
Reza AsvadiSigned: 21:52, 12/12/2019
Reza AzarvandSigned: 03:08, 17/12/2018
Moein NejadSigned: 21:23, 20/03/2018
Hossein NabipoorSigned: 16:02, 11/12/2017
"Back in summer of 2010, I thought I had just invented the " deinvention of money". Soon I learned that the notion of abolishing money had been around for ages. It was new to me but obviously not to a few others. Ever since, everyone i talked to thought it would be ridiculous to abolish money for once and for good! Hopefully the day will come. What I would propose in order to make it happen is just a little experiment. People like me and those who think like me need to establish a terriroty/little country and just live and work and enjoy life money-free! Once others see that it works everyone will then want to join in. And it will inevitably spread like a cancer across the globe. They will see with their own eyes that it works! I wish to live to see that day. Hossein Nabipoor"
Aria Ansari Signed: 11:25, 29/07/2017
sahereh wahbiSigned: 22:56, 05/04/2017
fariba sajadiSigned: 19:14, 13/08/2016
"good for world foe all"
Bahar PishgahiSigned: 10:03, 08/03/2016
majid babaeeSigned: 15:08, 19/02/2016
jila moghaddamSigned: 15:55, 09/09/2015
Ariya ArmaniSigned: 10:09, 09/09/2015
homayoun savaheliSigned: 10:58, 20/05/2015
Paya FarhadbahmanSigned: 22:39, 10/02/2015
"History has failed. We are on an inevitable collision course with something unimaginable. We are being attracted towards a day of reckoning. We will be asked: whad did you do to help save the world? What do you have if faced with this?"
Sunny AbdollahiSigned: 18:02, 24/09/2014
Ali AmirYazdaniSigned: 10:58, 14/05/2014
iman shirmohammadiSigned: 08:04, 04/03/2014
"Imagine a world without hungry people ... Thank you."
Roohollah Shahsanayi GoneyraniSigned: 01:14, 08/11/2013
"i hope and thank you"
Nima EsmailiSigned: 10:19, 05/10/2013
"I really hope this bring peace to our beautiful and beloved world. thank you "
Cyrus AmirabadiSigned: 21:45, 10/07/2013
pourya heydariSigned: 10:17, 30/03/2013
maryam azarniaSigned: 12:16, 27/03/2013
milad ghassemiSigned: 16:25, 14/03/2013
"we really appreciate your helps"
reza Habibi Golden AgeSigned: 08:14, 26/01/2013
khosrow khosrawiSigned: 19:54, 19/12/2012
"I love it. It is possible. ok good tanx All"
javid iranSigned: 03:15, 14/12/2012
shahram shahSigned: 09:31, 05/12/2012
meysam naderiSigned: 06:17, 27/10/2012
ehsan pooladiSigned: 00:02, 23/10/2012
"I hope for a world without money"
milad GOD is all things for meSigned: 20:51, 05/10/2012
"if jews eat and thieve less!!!"
hooman esmaeil zadehSigned: 01:35, 01/10/2012
"i dont want to losing ....i want to share......"
fateme payambarniaSigned: 09:45, 31/08/2012
sahar gorjiSigned: 12:08, 25/08/2012
Shahin AmidiSigned: 01:28, 23/08/2012
Parvaneh FarahianSigned: 06:52, 02/08/2012
sohrab mohtaramSigned: 18:34, 08/07/2012
Hadis MobahiSigned: 20:17, 27/06/2012
amir haghighiSigned: 20:49, 21/06/2012
"Hi, i been hoping this for a long time to happen , please give some advice as how people should start this , god bless ."

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