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Jean-Sebastien RoySigned: 15:21, 01/05/2016
Nadege BeauvaisSigned: 15:36, 09/08/2014
عبد الله مهيوب المعافريSigned: 00:01, 19/06/2014
"هذا عمل هام جدا خاصة الحفاض على البيئة والتنوع الحيوي .ولكني للاسف اعمل وحدي للحفاض على المدرجات والشجر رغم اني فقير"
Reginald PerdrielSigned: 23:01, 14/05/2013
"All of my life I've felt that something was wrong in our society without being able to put a finger on what it is. I could see that our way of living is killing the planet, that we don't care enough for those who are voiceless. Now it's clear that the economy system is wrong and shall not be part of the future. Of our future. Let's make the resource base system a reality! "
Jerry RocherSigned: 12:43, 08/01/2013
marc ronald pierreSigned: 19:47, 09/12/2012
baku veisSigned: 03:45, 25/06/2012
Nick IsraelSigned: 01:44, 10/04/2012
"1 word to define it all: LOVE"
Felix LareauxSigned: 09:51, 30/01/2012
Rudolph MagloireSigned: 22:48, 09/01/2012
"Nous, les Humains, sommes tous concernes par ces engagements librement pris!"
Nancy ChapoteauSigned: 00:18, 09/01/2012
"je trouve cette charte formidable et parfaitement désireuse d'instaurer une fraternité active sur la planète. Puisse notre voeu se réaliser"
francois jeanSigned: 12:52, 17/05/2011

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