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The Free World Charter

"Let's make everything free"

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Henri BuensozSigned: 15:10, 05/06/2018
Glen SmithSigned: 19:44, 09/09/2013
John Samuel FoxSigned: 10:13, 02/08/2013
Russell Le ConteSigned: 21:51, 20/07/2013
"this is a nice idea and I truly support it, but, I see somewhat of a flaw to it. to have a world without money, you first need to convince the people who have all the money to give it up. if they don't care enough to help people now, what chance do we have of convincing them to give it up when they're doing rather nicely out of everyone else's (and the planet's) misery? i dream of a free world, but I don't dare to hope."

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