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willy elisabethSigned: 12:13, 29/05/2012
laurent bessiereSigned: 13:26, 27/05/2012
"Combien sommes nous a avoir signe?"
Valentin WOLFFSigned: 02:02, 27/05/2012
"MERCI ! MERCI ! MERCI ! Quand le pouvoir de l'amour prendra le pas sur l'amour du pouvoir, le monde changera enfin, et sera en paix......PEACE, il faut juste croire en nos convictions et utiliser les lois de l'attractions ;)"
sukreben sitomniSigned: 20:48, 26/05/2012
"Il le faudrais!Mais bon!!j'espere!"
Maka SitomniSigned: 20:45, 26/05/2012
Natanaël de CarvalhoSigned: 20:44, 26/05/2012
marie wolffSigned: 11:29, 26/05/2012
Aymeric SolSigned: 21:36, 25/05/2012
"I have no words to describe how beautiful this concept is. I'll rather work for the others, meaning to work for a better humanity than to get money and pay my debts. I'll not feel guilty to enjoys free stuff knowing everyone, depending on their contribution can have access to the same ressources. I'll be proud to live in a humanity based on equality and education where everyone cares about each others. A humanity where we can focus on science, space exploration rather than war and financial speculations. In this world we may finnaly "
Laura Lai Signed: 14:14, 25/05/2012
"I Hope this Will go around the World "
dagmar dagmar laiSigned: 13:02, 25/05/2012
Gimmig ChristineSigned: 07:53, 25/05/2012
oriane CazaubonSigned: 22:22, 24/05/2012
Marc TirelSigned: 08:35, 24/05/2012
jean marc TOPENOTSigned: 23:34, 23/05/2012
franck henrySigned: 11:23, 23/05/2012
Mathieu CadilhacSigned: 20:03, 22/05/2012
Léandre CHEVALIERSigned: 09:42, 22/05/2012
stephane parentSigned: 00:34, 22/05/2012
Dominique BenoitSigned: 13:24, 21/05/2012
Albéric RaguinSigned: 22:24, 20/05/2012
"Ne pas oublier que le changement est tout d'abord au fond de chacun de soit et que pour avancer, nous devons faire qu'un."
Marcos LorenzoSigned: 19:52, 20/05/2012
TOM NagySigned: 14:00, 20/05/2012
Christine LEVRATSigned: 08:56, 20/05/2012
lesquatrevingtdixneuf PourcentSigned: 22:20, 19/05/2012
"Hello, I had the same idea and I buid a facebook for this (lesquatrevingtdixneuf pourcent) three weeks ago. I'm surprised that we don't speak much of this idea because it's very simply and logic. I can't sign your chart because I hardly speak English and I don't sign wath I'm not sur to understand. Can you make a french version of you website in order I give it to my contacts ? You can read (in french) my idea who is seeming a lot to your on my page in the article "Et si l'argetn n'existait pas ? ". Hopping we 'll can work together and thanks to excuse my English. PS : Ididn't have choice to send you my message, so I have sign all your propositions whithout be sure to understand"
Delgrange Marie-EmilieSigned: 18:53, 19/05/2012
Daphné HuraultSigned: 14:42, 19/05/2012
"j'approuve grandement ces principes, je crois au plus profond de mon être que ces changements sont possibles, ils sont obligatoires pour la pérennité de cette planète et de son écosystème. Nam myoho renge kyo... ... ..."
fernandez klaraSigned: 12:24, 19/05/2012
alice ortoloSigned: 11:10, 19/05/2012
Gérald GARNIERSigned: 08:57, 19/05/2012
Nicole GINETSigned: 06:18, 18/05/2012
Jean FrémiotSigned: 22:49, 17/05/2012
Bédier ChristieSigned: 19:36, 17/05/2012
mireille mauvoisSigned: 19:23, 17/05/2012
Marie-Claire BusquetSigned: 18:49, 17/05/2012
axelle onetoSigned: 16:51, 17/05/2012
steve wiplieSigned: 13:27, 17/05/2012
DE ALMEIDA AMANDINESigned: 12:24, 17/05/2012
"100 % pour cette charte. Pour une vie plus digne, et oui pour que chacun est le droit à une vie "agréable" ; cessons d'être esclave de se système!!!"
demys elianeSigned: 15:59, 16/05/2012
Gratianne Iliou NevesSigned: 15:53, 16/05/2012
odile pierronSigned: 15:46, 16/05/2012
cathy astolfiSigned: 13:58, 16/05/2012
Agnès Rogliano DesideriSigned: 11:12, 16/05/2012
Pierre BarthélemySigned: 10:39, 16/05/2012
Patricia PringuetSigned: 10:27, 16/05/2012
Marie-Sylvie SOLHONNESigned: 07:46, 16/05/2012
"Je suis 100% d'accord avec vous et cela fait longtemps que je pense que ces idées sont réalisables si chacun les accepte et joue son rôle. Bravo pour votre pétition, je vais la faire connaître à mes amis afin d'obtenir le plus de signatures possible !"
Mario CariaSigned: 23:04, 15/05/2012
gallay mathieuSigned: 23:02, 15/05/2012
Steven BarroSigned: 19:05, 15/05/2012
ludovic HalardSigned: 13:22, 15/05/2012
marie-josee minnitiSigned: 11:34, 15/05/2012

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