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Høgni Viderø JacobsenSigned: 11:26, 06/10/2016
"a world without greed is a world we can feed"
Jana JacobsenSigned: 12:17, 18/05/2016
Agatha AgathaSigned: 11:33, 07/07/2015
Andreas SjóvaráSigned: 04:09, 16/01/2014
Heiðrikur KristjánssonSigned: 00:03, 29/01/2013
Dros DalsgardSigned: 23:33, 28/01/2013
Erik Reidarsson KleinSigned: 23:14, 28/01/2013
Elias GuðjónssonSigned: 22:45, 02/11/2012
"This is why I am here ! Progress and prosperity for all :)"
Eyðstein LützenSigned: 13:11, 02/09/2012
"Almost ANY change from our current situation would be a welcome one."
Ingmar Valdemarson á LøgmansbøSigned: 16:55, 25/11/2011

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