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M` Abdel Moneim Helmy Signed: 11:12, 06/03/2014
Ahmed Naguib Abdel MeguidSigned: 12:14, 22/01/2014
Madiha MansourSigned: 05:10, 22/01/2014
"I would like to see a world where we can share resources rather than have the illusion of scarcity. For example in Egypt, the land is vast but we crowd on a max of 10% fighting making it look bad , polluted and limited. But our government freezes land for their own welfare of the rich. By the way - I am a self made - well off woman and am willing to give away this for my kids to have a better future - if all have the same concept. But we have to also put restrictions on the those who damage the environment . For example its a norm ( sad to say ) to throw garbage everywhere, I have thought my kids not to do this but still we need to have a mind shift from cherishing money to cherishing our environment for sustainability - quite tough but if we all pitch in it will be a quick change... Another thing you may want to think of is borderless geography - why the lines on our maps that separate us ? this must be illuminated as well. "
shady shataSigned: 11:07, 16/01/2014
Waljana HassanSigned: 22:17, 01/12/2013
خالد أبوزيد Signed: 16:18, 12/10/2013
حسام فؤادSigned: 11:59, 02/10/2013
Ahmed MahmoudSigned: 04:11, 02/10/2013
"This is the eay to make real change "
Nabil KamalSigned: 22:39, 01/10/2013
"great rules hope we can male it work for the whole world . peace "
shohdi emaraSigned: 21:39, 01/10/2013
"النقطة 3 هناك كائنات حيه مضره لكائنات اخرى مثل الفيروسات ..بعض الفيروسات من الممكن الاستفاده منها والبعض الاخر لاحق له في الحياة وليس له الحق في المشاركه في موارد الارض القصد من المثال ان هناك كائن مضر وغيرمضر هل هناك معايير لتصنيف الكائن الى مضر وغير مضر ؟ خصوصا ان بقاء هذا الكائن ممكن ان يكون مسئولا عن موت كائنات اخرى وفي نفس الوقت قد يكون بقائه مفيد للانسان .. في هذه الحالة من سنختار له الحق في الحياة ؟"
ياسر احمدSigned: 21:27, 01/10/2013
pigeon peaceSigned: 21:21, 01/10/2013
محمد عبد المنعم حلمى حسنSigned: 21:02, 01/10/2013
"توكلنا على الله... يالا بينا لهذا المجتمع."
Adel RabieSigned: 21:01, 01/10/2013
abdelkader ramadanSigned: 20:49, 01/10/2013
Waleed FaroukSigned: 20:14, 01/10/2013
علي ابراهيم محمودSigned: 19:12, 01/10/2013
"الي امام نحو مجتمع سوي"
عبدالحميد الوسيمىSigned: 18:59, 01/10/2013
Mohamed El-SafourySigned: 18:34, 21/09/2013
Noha RadwanSigned: 13:36, 20/09/2013
ahmed tahaSigned: 10:17, 20/09/2013
أحمد الدسوقيSigned: 22:14, 24/06/2013
"برغم اني شايف الكلام مش ممكن يحصل لأسباب كتير اوي تمنع كده ، بس اتغيرت فكرتي عن الأناركيين تماما بعد الميثاق ده ... اتمنالكو الافضل :)"
سعيد حسنSigned: 14:56, 05/06/2013
كريم حنفي Signed: 14:12, 03/06/2013
kerols kamalSigned: 12:49, 24/05/2013
Mahmoud Yasser Ramadan MahrousSigned: 22:36, 20/05/2013
"I am very happy to be with you"
Nadim SalemSigned: 01:01, 19/05/2013
Ather TawfikSigned: 10:30, 07/05/2013
abdo zorgSigned: 14:23, 01/05/2013
"I hope one day the majority of humans realize their responsibility towards other humans and living things"
mariam hamdiSigned: 16:05, 25/04/2013
Sherif GaberSigned: 13:06, 23/04/2013
عبد الرحمن قطبSigned: 13:00, 23/04/2013
"وانا اصغر بكام سنة اعتقد كنت في سن 15 او 14 كنت بفكر في موضوع حلقة الاموال يعني ليه لازم ندفع فلوس ليه ميكونش كل واحد يوفر خدماته مجانا وهو هياخد مقابل ليه لازم يبقى كل واحد عنده 400 مليار في البنك اصلا وهو مش هيستعملهم في حاجة "
jac powerSigned: 20:41, 28/03/2013
mahmoud rabeeSigned: 09:37, 07/03/2013
Ahmed RashwanSigned: 08:59, 14/02/2013
"I have been thinking of these principles for a long time and finally found it put in the best way possible. my dream now is to live to that day where i see the human consciousness acting according to what is logical, rational and humane, to give us the chance to reach our highest potential while considering the fact that we are all are merely cells in a bigger organism called earth. Please remember that impossible is nothing. people in power got their power from people like us and just like how we gave it we can take it back. Imagine if we spread the knowledge to the less fortunate ones and through love and sharing we gather against the tyrants through international disobedience for few weeks and imagine what will happen to those people in power if they got no one to serve them or work for them. Don't think its impossible cause the miracle you think that we need to accomplish this, we are already living it. its called "communications". Be positive be passionate be Humane be your self"
Eslam NegmSigned: 13:28, 11/01/2013
MOHAMED MAGDY ELSHENAWYSigned: 23:02, 09/01/2013
sheren rabieSigned: 14:11, 02/12/2012
محمد سيفSigned: 07:36, 02/12/2012
"اوافق على كل البنود و ارجو تعميم الفكرة و ارشادنا فى كيفية خدمة هذه الفكرة"
محمد مختارSigned: 19:23, 25/11/2012
"معترض علي البند 7علي كلمة بغير التزامات كيف يتثني ذالك ان اجني ثمار بدون عمل والتزامات "
karim shaheenSigned: 17:05, 08/11/2012
Tarek younesSigned: 19:12, 07/11/2012
"لتحقيق النجاح في هذه المبادئ .. يجب اضافة مبدء هام الي تلك المبادئ وهو صدور قانون بتجريم العنصريه بكل اشكالها في جميع انحاء العالم ولابد من توقيع جميع الدول عليه ..................."
Juliette Kaltenrieder FaragSigned: 23:40, 10/10/2012
Mohamed AbolnagaSigned: 08:12, 26/08/2012
"Free Social Market"
Abram WagdySigned: 16:31, 11/07/2012
Malachi RobertsSigned: 18:26, 09/04/2012
"This is a wonderful idea. I only hope it could come true."
Ahmed YoussrySigned: 08:24, 26/03/2012
"i agree ... i dream about the day when i move on to live in such community "
Ihab El GhazzawiSigned: 00:50, 26/03/2012
mohammed nazmySigned: 15:52, 24/03/2012
Martina PoreppSigned: 07:55, 18/02/2012

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