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The Free World Charter

"Let's make everything free"

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Mo HossamSigned: 17:51, 26/10/2017
وائل صبحىSigned: 23:58, 13/08/2017
"رائع وبدايه موفقه لعالم جديد متحد وتعاونى ومستدام التنميه"
mohammad fawzySigned: 22:33, 22/07/2016
محمود صلاح الدينSigned: 20:32, 11/01/2016
shereef el-emarySigned: 19:42, 11/01/2016
nahed eltaybSigned: 16:04, 07/11/2015
Ammar AminSigned: 18:28, 03/11/2015
"I think the world without money will be better than a world with money. It would be a free world. There will never be poor people. Everybody would have everything he want. Also a world without countries. Everybody will travel everywhere. We would have access to travel everywhere in the world. For example, If America have natural oil and Egypt don't have, America will give Egypt some of the natural oil. The world would be better and better."
Malak MustafaSigned: 16:44, 02/11/2015
"Imagine a moneyless world! It would be actually fair and you will feel more free for everyone, because somehow, some people don't have enough money to buy food, and if there is no food you can get diseases you need to be cured by going to the hospital and maybe needing some medicines and operations and that needs money, they don't have enough money to live in better, safer houses and shelters, some don't have enough money to afford schools. So why don't we just change the world to be a better one where you can have what you want from schools, clothes, hospitals, phones, houses & shelter. By making a free world it can be much better than how we are now :)"
Barah RadwanSigned: 16:42, 21/10/2015
Marguerite MimiSigned: 22:09, 01/05/2015
Nina JuulSigned: 07:07, 22/02/2015
Bahaa EldinSigned: 19:17, 12/02/2015
"اتمنى ان يصبح العالم افضل "
وليد الوفائيSigned: 11:43, 12/02/2015
Ayman GeorgeSigned: 14:46, 10/02/2015
"just wanna add a word " Sane " to Every human being is an equal part of a worldwide community of humans, and a free citizen of Earth."
Ossama LouisSigned: 14:03, 10/02/2015
سيد عبد العال Signed: 18:31, 25/01/2015
Refaat SamiSigned: 18:07, 25/01/2015
Gilbert AndrianisSigned: 17:50, 24/09/2014
Andrew CostiganSigned: 19:37, 22/09/2014
refaat samy Signed: 11:45, 26/08/2014
احمد محمود محمد احمد علي ahmed mahmoud mohamed ahmedSigned: 05:24, 25/08/2014
"اتمني ان يفهم معظم البشر هذه المباديء - واعتقد انها بدايه التصحيح ثورة الوعي نحو عالم افضل دون مال اوافق علي جعل العالم ارث مشترك لنا جميعا "
ابوبكر محمودSigned: 18:24, 24/08/2014
Mohamed MegahedSigned: 02:20, 07/07/2014
Amr AbdelFatahSigned: 20:00, 29/06/2014
Karim EldomyatiSigned: 10:28, 22/06/2014
علياء سيدSigned: 16:23, 19/06/2014
ashraf ratebSigned: 11:01, 19/06/2014
مشيرة طهSigned: 10:02, 19/06/2014
"اتمني ان نستطيع ان نعيش بحرية وبعدل "
Amr lotfySigned: 01:16, 19/06/2014
ahmed bedirSigned: 23:50, 18/06/2014
عبدالرحمن محمودSigned: 18:12, 18/06/2014
"أفضل طريقة للتواصل في العالم العربي هي الفيس بوك "
نزار نصرSigned: 18:03, 18/06/2014
hossam khayriSigned: 16:52, 18/06/2014
Yasser Eldemerdash Signed: 16:49, 18/06/2014
"Wish if this coud ever get real:-) I'm dreaming big but I will:-) "
زايد السيدSigned: 16:39, 18/06/2014
"رائع انا احلم بعالم مماثل تذوب فيه الاحقاد والضغائن ونعيش جميعنا بلا فروق طبقية وعداوات انسانية"
Ahmad MustafaSigned: 16:23, 18/06/2014
جهاد محمدSigned: 15:47, 18/06/2014
George MikhaelSigned: 14:31, 18/06/2014
Samer EssamSigned: 11:21, 18/06/2014
"How do we protect paradise from those who only live on the misery of others?"
Ahmed ZakariaSigned: 16:29, 17/06/2014
safwat abdallahSigned: 23:04, 04/05/2014
ahmed elsaidSigned: 05:00, 04/05/2014
Alyaa Abdel_mageedSigned: 22:51, 03/05/2014
"may god help you to save the world <3 "
emill alexSigned: 19:04, 03/05/2014
salah mohsenSigned: 06:58, 03/05/2014
Nour HamadaSigned: 00:37, 03/05/2014
"I don't think is possible to be true , but Iam with it ,, I hate unfairness ,, :) "
Abdullah SemarySigned: 23:12, 02/05/2014
"Free world is what humanity about . all people are born equal and they should live equally.. no poverty , no modern slavery with the right management we can be better .. we can be humans .. keep up FWC :) "
خالد ابوزيدSigned: 21:03, 02/05/2014
Hazem SwelmSigned: 20:35, 02/05/2014

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