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Timothy MoranSigned: 08:22, 21/06/2020
"Along with Zeitgeist and The Venus Project, these organizations contribute to action and help focus the intentions of the charter..."
Jan CalderonSigned: 14:55, 19/02/2019
Jack PalmerSigned: 04:55, 06/02/2019
"Vivre ses rêves !"
Javier FatjóSigned: 23:00, 29/11/2018
"Excelente proyecto !!!"
Eduard MüllerSigned: 21:00, 21/11/2018
"Regenerating our future"
Javier FatjóSigned: 21:09, 30/04/2018
Bastiaan FijanSigned: 16:07, 11/10/2017
Federico GrantSigned: 22:29, 25/08/2017
"Very excited to be able to be part of a truly global initiative in the benefit of all of our planet's biodiversity & humankind itself. Let's all join together and protect our 'Mother Earth."
Moses RodriguesSigned: 20:04, 22/02/2017
"Happy to help however however possible! Be the Change! :)"
Katherin Miranda moraSigned: 18:11, 09/07/2016
"Firmen la carta del mundo libre "
Melaney PhillipsSigned: 03:33, 07/06/2016
Mel Puleo Signed: 02:43, 07/06/2016
"I would love this! & so would everyone! YOU’D HAVE TO BE CRAZY NOT TO, This spells 100% freedom, except the people at the very top of the food chain, the 0.0000001% “Elite," won’t allow this in our lifetime, they actually want this system for themselves, BUT! They want to exterminate 95+% of the planet as they are incompetent in managing resources, Selfish, entitled, extremely evil, who have 0% empathy! The only way it can work is we “Meaning The Majority” need to EXTERMINATE THEM, BEFORE THEY EXTERMINATE US” THEN IT CAN WORK, THERE WILL BE BLOOD SHED BEFORE WE ALL WAKE UP! This sounds fantastic in theory, but I don’t believe we will see it manifest in the next 1000 years, humans are slow learners, and as long as you keep ’em entertained with all the bull shit, its easy for the elite to do whatever they want! It’s a sad world! Potentially the reason I moved to Costa Rica with my wife & My dog. Its scary what is taking place, the ET’s will never Land! "
Andres CalderonSigned: 04:09, 21/01/2016
Diego Fonseca IbarraSigned: 06:06, 01/01/2016
"paz amor y esperanza"
joseph donaireSigned: 19:14, 23/08/2015
Gérard MaillouxSigned: 22:46, 02/07/2015
Emma KarlssonSigned: 16:55, 14/06/2015
"Let's make this world free"
Marcelo GaritaSigned: 19:10, 10/02/2015
"Great proposal, our current monetary and work are a modern slavery system working for a powerful few who's egos are feed by the feeling of owning people life's to do what ever they want with them. If we start building a parallel society in which we use more alternative economic systems like resource and shared based we can reduce the power of those few slavers "
Alejadro FonsecaSigned: 04:00, 30/01/2015
"I agree with all of your statements. Great initiative that I hope will flourish soon. It will happen for sure at some point when humanity can learn from its mistakes."
patricia paola villalobos arayaSigned: 16:11, 28/12/2014
"entiendo todo y lo acepto pero mi comunidad no lo acepta, por ignorancia"
Tanja RamgeSigned: 05:10, 17/12/2014
Chaz BuckSigned: 15:53, 02/12/2014
"I have been researching ancient societies like Tikal and Egypt to discover this was their exact mind set. The Elites and their cartels have purposely obscured history and our understanding of this evidence of a free world to establish their dynasty's and power though multiple their educational system and their monopolies. A return to a sustainable world without Cartels demanding payment for our very life is the only option at this point in history. Chaz Perez Zeledon, Costa Rica"
Javier FatjóSigned: 15:16, 07/10/2014
Sofia CarvajalSigned: 17:05, 02/10/2014
Andrea UmañaSigned: 02:36, 29/09/2014
Robert GaritaSigned: 22:00, 06/09/2014
Oscar Gerardo Villalobos GardelaSigned: 17:47, 02/09/2014
"Se que a el le gustara mucho algo así."
Alexander Del SolSigned: 01:54, 24/06/2014
"It's time to take back the Commons for ALL life on Earth, for the benefit of ALL, and return to True Sovereignty and decentralized Self-Governance via direct community interaction and development. "
Natali PajueloSigned: 00:01, 07/06/2014
Daniel Carmona SandovalSigned: 18:21, 02/02/2014
Ericka PiedraSigned: 14:55, 16/01/2014
Raphael FloresSigned: 05:13, 16/01/2014
"Lets make it happen :)"
Felix AngelSigned: 06:36, 13/01/2014
"A world based on love and not money is what once was called paradise!"
E. VegaSigned: 04:12, 13/12/2013
Bruna ZambonSigned: 11:50, 11/11/2013
Michael CamposSigned: 02:44, 13/10/2013
Ngoc LuzardoSigned: 00:41, 28/09/2013
"We have lived a lot longer without money than with money and it was a time of peace and abundance with no artifacts of war. It's time to return but with the efficiencies of technology to support a much larger population."
Raquel MustelierSigned: 01:47, 19/09/2013
" I have always thought that one of the biggest problems of humanity, society, world, of this wonderful land, is money, or rather, a piece of paper that has us mesmerized, prisoners and blind. As there may be money machines while thousands die every day? We can make peace and share knowledge, to be a fair exchange and not an obligation. "
Aurelio Somarriba LucasSigned: 16:29, 08/08/2013
tomas suttonSigned: 21:50, 20/05/2013
Carlos MolinaSigned: 21:22, 19/03/2013
Nosara VargasSigned: 06:04, 20/02/2013
Ori ESSigned: 13:44, 13/02/2013
"Muy linda.. me gusto mucho!! Sigan adelante :-)"
FRANKLIN Ricardo Mena arrietaSigned: 04:48, 13/02/2013
bernal bernalSigned: 02:56, 13/02/2013
sara MurilloSigned: 00:06, 13/02/2013
Isaac CastilloSigned: 00:23, 11/01/2013
daniel vargasSigned: 00:48, 10/01/2013
"Thanks, I´m only concerned about the so called common good. "
Daniel CarmonaSigned: 22:21, 09/01/2013
"Excelente aporte estan haciendo al planeta con esta web y sus puntos principales,difundire y colaborare en todo el activismo posible."
RICARDO GUTIERREZ OREAMUNOSigned: 00:13, 09/01/2013
"Does the illuminati people know about your initiative?... they're going to get ungry. jejej... "

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