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Karla ZuletaSigned: 21:26, 03/03/2012
GRACIELA PEREZ CARRILLOSigned: 01:04, 03/03/2012
"Desde el fin del mundo apruebo totalmente esta idea... "
Claudia SalinasSigned: 20:17, 02/03/2012
CATALINA VALDESSigned: 10:51, 01/03/2012
Tania MelnickSigned: 04:23, 01/03/2012
"Maravillosa declaración!! Me comprometo a cumplirla y hacer todo lo posible porque así sea para todos nosotros este nuevo mundo que hemos de crear."
Pablo VillanuevaSigned: 19:49, 27/02/2012
Ximena Zurita ComelinSigned: 04:25, 27/02/2012
matty courtSigned: 21:11, 25/02/2012
"i want this nowwwwwwwwwwwww"
ana maría bralicSigned: 20:06, 25/02/2012
Saúl MuñozSigned: 03:27, 23/02/2012
"Come on! We can be united and keep this world 'til next generations! Think if people of the past had been like us now... We probably would have serious problems!"
Javier BarreraSigned: 03:19, 23/02/2012
Felipe Javier De Jesus Caro VegaSigned: 03:16, 23/02/2012
Fernando ChaboutySigned: 02:58, 23/02/2012
"Está todo muy claro... "
Manuel Alejandro Arias AlvaradoSigned: 19:56, 19/02/2012
"Ojalá mas gente se de cuenta de su esclavitud y quiera ser libre, las ansias de libertad en conjunto, salvarán al mundo!"
VALESKA BADILLASigned: 05:11, 10/02/2012
Julio Calderon AlvarezSigned: 22:06, 08/02/2012
Leon GorkiSigned: 00:37, 07/02/2012
Jordan AtenasSigned: 20:48, 06/02/2012
"Economía basada en recursos. "
Cristian WeberSigned: 19:01, 06/02/2012
Gabriel CondoritoSigned: 00:01, 11/01/2012
"Just hope in the lamb's book of life... Coming soon in your heart, in your earth ... Peace, the end comes in 2015; the new world of peace too. HopiKwatsi !"
camila romero cifuentesSigned: 17:14, 04/01/2012
Rodolfo RiosSigned: 14:33, 04/01/2012
Rodrigo CuevasSigned: 11:10, 31/12/2011
"I think this is the only way to really solve the scarcity problems in the world and to boost all our potentials as humanity. There is no possibility to reach a complete mental development if the people need to worry about minimal things like owning money to pay bills and the health insurance. I hope that in the near future all the people of the world will share this ideas. I hope to be alive to see the moment when this kind of society will be born in the world. Greetings from a Chile!"
Javier EsquivelSigned: 00:45, 17/12/2011
"Comparto plenamente estos principios, espero que mis hijos o los hijos de mis hijos, vivan en este mundo libre, igualitario, con respeto a las especies y recursos. Creo que este mundo es totalmente posible, es por eso que tenemos el deber de educar y formar a las nuevas generaciones con estos conceptos, ha llegado la hora que el ser humano "evolucione" a un estado de plenitud, libertad y sin sufrimientos. Basta de sufrimiento.!"
Consuelo HermosillaSigned: 18:21, 13/12/2011
Victor DiazSigned: 15:06, 11/12/2011
Leopoldo GonzálezSigned: 21:28, 10/12/2011
marco faureSigned: 16:59, 10/12/2011
Juan Andres TocornalSigned: 21:31, 02/12/2011
"El dinero es la esclavitud oculta a la que la sociedad se somete libremente. Es la causa de la corrupción del ser humano. Es la "droga" más dañina que ya conocí."
Constanza Constanza BriceñoSigned: 14:12, 14/11/2011
"I agree and want all this to happen, and more..."
Manik CamposSigned: 15:19, 07/11/2011
"Music in my ears !!!!"
Leo Browaldh CarracedoSigned: 18:00, 06/11/2011
"I`m from the Zeitgeist movement. I think we are working in the same direction"
Diana MerinoSigned: 15:46, 03/11/2011
"I would like to work on the action rather than assumptions, more in there to do locally, although I understand it's a pretty accurate assumption but it is still more to implement it "
waldo torresSigned: 16:51, 28/10/2011
walter quirozSigned: 21:54, 25/10/2011
Hans PaulsenSigned: 13:28, 24/10/2011
ignacio andresSigned: 01:21, 20/10/2011
"Excelente iniciativa sigamos por un cambio mundial hacia una economía basada en recursos"
Alejo RoncaroloSigned: 01:51, 19/10/2011
Claudia O. AlmendaresSigned: 19:07, 12/10/2011
Cristian DiazSigned: 16:19, 12/10/2011
Marco LetelierSigned: 01:35, 12/10/2011
Nelson AlvarezSigned: 17:28, 11/10/2011
Valeria LeivaSigned: 17:25, 11/10/2011
"Please contact The Zeitgeist Movement, they have exactly the same principales and have active groups all over the world. We should all unite for a global change."
Pancho PanchoSigned: 09:51, 05/10/2011
Pablo Reyes SierraSigned: 19:30, 03/10/2011
camila roomeroSigned: 04:31, 30/09/2011
Cristobal KonigSigned: 15:49, 16/09/2011
Mathias WilkendorfSigned: 12:57, 16/09/2011
"When everyone of us understands how evil money is, it would be the time of our reborn... If I grow potatoes, you grow tomatoes, he grows carrots and she grows lettuce, than we get ourselves a niiiiice salat; simple as that... STOP TRADING WITH OUR RIGHTS!!!!"
VIRGINIA ISABELSigned: 00:46, 02/09/2011
"muy agradecida ,de esta invitación ,a leer y compartir esta carta... gracias. estoy muy de acuerdo en todo los puntos. namaste"

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