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The Free World Charter

"Let's make everything free"

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kathelyne hildersonSigned: 07:35, 14/09/2016
Nicki LoveSigned: 01:32, 04/03/2015
"I deeply resonate with the principles you've written so clearly and I would like to collaborate to Change Our World by manifesting Purple Paradise Resorts all over the world."
Adrian WitzilSigned: 06:07, 06/10/2014
"How can we start making this happen? I want to help. I am willing to dedicate ALL my time to this."
Chris RamirezSigned: 18:24, 23/03/2013
Denise Camille FullerSigned: 12:52, 17/05/2011
"thank god... not Nesara- I once heard it said that "until you have a solution for everyone, you have no solution at all "

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