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The Free World Charter

"Let's make everything free"

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Nick BishopSigned: 03:45, 22/08/2015
Jo-Ann savageSigned: 07:06, 28/07/2015
Omar MisaSigned: 19:27, 24/07/2015
giulio castrechiniSigned: 22:00, 23/07/2015
Ravindra Nair Signed: 14:32, 22/07/2015
"This Idea has been growing in my mind for sometime. Why as humans we can't aim for better life use machines for production Eventually retiring ourselves to better life choosing to undertake our dreams without anything holding back. A world where every life excels and together encourage growth as there is no money to be earn or land to fight over"
terry jamesSigned: 07:57, 20/07/2015
Natascha KaiserSigned: 17:45, 18/07/2015
Lauren AstallSigned: 15:22, 16/07/2015
Nathan McCuddenSigned: 11:15, 16/07/2015
"Will substance abuse become a problem? "
Andre ButtelSigned: 05:44, 14/07/2015
Dean HansenSigned: 09:13, 13/07/2015
Amelia LloydSigned: 03:58, 13/07/2015
Robyn MitchellSigned: 03:46, 12/07/2015
Cassandra TooheySigned: 02:04, 12/07/2015
"I have been promoting the idea of a money free society to all my friends and family for such a long time now. And to see something like this put together makes me cry with joy. I don't want to feel the pain I have for any disadvantaged human being anymore. I want love and compassion to be the norm. And I have promised many people it will be.Thank you for this. <3"
Jasmine MSigned: 21:50, 11/07/2015
Sandra KehneSigned: 15:49, 11/07/2015
"A happy world is a free world. The best things in life are free."
Chris GoodsonSigned: 10:53, 11/07/2015
Abigail PappasSigned: 08:36, 11/07/2015
Daniel JonesSigned: 05:19, 11/07/2015
gillian giffordSigned: 00:18, 10/07/2015
Adrian Byrne Signed: 04:16, 09/07/2015
Danial MurphySigned: 00:00, 06/07/2015
Jake ScholesSigned: 15:04, 02/07/2015
eleni theodoridouSigned: 00:49, 02/07/2015
"Keep up the excellent work . We will support u all the way for a better planet ."
Leonard MaioloSigned: 00:03, 02/07/2015
Hamish Graham Signed: 23:28, 26/06/2015
"It's high time the voice of reason triumphed over all."
martin dunningSigned: 03:51, 22/06/2015
Ross AlexanderSigned: 20:30, 20/06/2015
Varsha MKSigned: 17:05, 20/06/2015
christine whalanSigned: 02:40, 20/06/2015
"Human basic right!"
Matt SaundersSigned: 05:45, 16/06/2015
Lynne RobertsonSigned: 04:03, 13/06/2015
"It's so important to be able to visualise this. Thank you for your inspiring clip. "
Sally PackshawSigned: 15:40, 12/06/2015
Leon GreenhalghSigned: 08:07, 08/06/2015
una woodSigned: 23:58, 06/06/2015
Valeria DangubicSigned: 10:28, 05/06/2015
Dan HadfieldSigned: 16:28, 02/06/2015
Therese SpacovSigned: 00:37, 30/05/2015
Louis DoonerSigned: 07:49, 29/05/2015
"I am excited to see my self change and grow in this beautiful new world."
Sarah PaganSigned: 05:53, 29/05/2015
Mark RichardsSigned: 02:59, 29/05/2015
"Thank you free world charter. I had an awakening last year traveling through asia for 6 months and found this same realisation. Money destroys love, compassion, the earth and our society. I don't want to live this way any more. I am planning on buying a houseboat and going completely off the grid and living sustainably as possible with as little money as possible. I want to start a houseboat community of similar spirited people to help each other live this way and to show people there is another way. I hope through your website you may help me make these connections. Regards, Mark"
Jakob SikaisSigned: 02:04, 29/05/2015
kane sorraghanSigned: 07:33, 25/05/2015
carissa louiseSigned: 15:29, 24/05/2015
Joseph DeinnocentisSigned: 05:25, 20/05/2015
janine howeSigned: 02:19, 11/05/2015
"number 9...people with disabilities still contribute to life on earth simply by existing....although most people with a disability are still able to contribute to society in their own way..every body is capable of making the world a better place simply by being alive and living with a positive spirit.. "
Frances AmarouxSigned: 00:50, 11/05/2015
"Very happy to be a associated with this Charter. Sounds like its also linked to Michael Tellinger's Contributionism idea. Lets create the world to which we all want to belong to. "
Katrina McCreadieSigned: 23:51, 04/05/2015
Glen Moray SmillieSigned: 03:23, 01/05/2015
"As I am grown from this world so are we grown from each-other. For within me there are tears that always run from the mountains of woe that are heaped with the souls of my people whom oppression has enslaved. We have ahead of us the insurmountable opportunity of survival,humanity must choose between the self and itself. Allow yourself to feel your soul,to connect with spirit and know the golden path. "
Rea DSigned: 15:51, 28/04/2015

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