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The Free World Charter

"Let's make everything free"

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Ilona SzaszSigned: 12:44, 08/01/2020
"Thnks my friend to know this side. I am happy "
Rana ElwahshSigned: 20:43, 06/04/2015
"There is no reason to even have money its just not necessary and in fact without money we would not have people starving to their deaths or even people homeless because they just cant pay their bills.To make this world better I think we should stop hearing the word money and stop using it.It would help people alot,in fact Universitys would not tell their research that are so important to anyone until they get the amount of money they want.For example Medical Universities that might know the cure to cancer wont tell hospitals the cure until they pay the amount of money they want.If there was no such thing as money we would not have robberies,Murders,etc. or other words we would not have CRIMES.Its common sense we should just end money.It will make everyone have a better life then ever before.It would help the environment obviously because money is made out of paper and paper comes from trees.Everyone would be equal from poor to rich.Its the best way to make this world one in a million."
Tara LiaSigned: 22:25, 05/11/2014
"In Absolute Beauty & Abundance Namaste <3"
jaishawn harrisSigned: 04:46, 08/08/2013
thibault chipaloSigned: 17:13, 04/01/2012
tom chapmanSigned: 23:09, 24/10/2011
"we must stand together to get through the passing making a great future for everyone including our kin elderly and sons and daughters like the fact you or your child might be going through some tuff times as in failing classes or not being able to pay your bills that are supplied by your government this is why i support the free world charter me and my family have a small amount of money we can afford only some of the thing we want or need which is why we may every here and there ask a relative for some spare cash but this is why i agree we could have everything for free there should be some sort of limit so we do not get over the amount of food or clothing required but other things such as video games,internet,computer and on should be given to everyone i am certain if we wanted we could all have somthing such as it,and play,chat,message and more with each other so we would still have some socialness all throught the globe. soo if you feel the same sign the charter and make a comment."

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