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"Let's make everything free"

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Peter BlemSigned: 10:56, 04/07/2021
David Hollands Signed: 11:56, 03/07/2021
"Action required ."
Patrick ThelwellSigned: 06:46, 03/07/2021
Monica HuculSigned: 04:23, 03/07/2021
gérard simonSigned: 23:25, 02/07/2021
Guillermo AdamoSigned: 09:43, 29/06/2021
Jeannette JSigned: 10:47, 27/06/2021
"Your charter is awesome — very much in alignment with my writing and teaching."
Diego OlayaSigned: 10:49, 24/06/2021
"Blessed are the peace makers <3 "
Levi SmitsSigned: 00:15, 22/06/2021
sofi loiseauSigned: 08:23, 16/06/2021
Andrea SteinkühlerSigned: 23:55, 15/06/2021
"Wir müssen und werden es schaffen; wir sind klug, liebevoll und wir sind viele!"
Sergi RocafortSigned: 11:50, 14/06/2021
"Me gustaría ayudar desde Barcelona, cómo puedo hacerlo?"
Narendranath NSigned: 23:26, 13/06/2021
Gayathri NairSigned: 21:34, 13/06/2021
"Need of the Hour."
Sain InfiniSigned: 13:20, 13/06/2021
Rainer VogelSigned: 11:17, 13/06/2021
Adilson PimentelSigned: 18:09, 12/06/2021
""não existe plano B""
Lara DoornboschSigned: 17:10, 12/06/2021
james timothySigned: 17:04, 12/06/2021
David HessterSigned: 14:04, 12/06/2021
Beatrice FerrazziSigned: 13:43, 12/06/2021
Sara BradleySigned: 06:16, 08/06/2021
Lyle CreganSigned: 01:35, 08/06/2021
Hendrik ViljoenSigned: 09:33, 07/06/2021
"Please check out. Michael Tellinger one small town Ubuntu philosophy "
Bree Schembri Signed: 20:27, 06/06/2021
"Let's be free and share the world. ?❤️"
Ian SharpSigned: 22:51, 05/06/2021
Colleen CapponiSigned: 11:50, 03/06/2021
Ruth HadadSigned: 10:02, 03/06/2021
Dan AtkinsonSigned: 09:47, 03/06/2021
"The only thing that's going to save humanity & the entire biosphere is some form of Resource Based Economy, with no money or markets. The current system MUST be replaced."
Catherine SmithSigned: 00:47, 01/06/2021
Davin SauerSigned: 09:51, 30/05/2021
Luke GroveSigned: 07:07, 30/05/2021
dfm2u drama dfm2u drama onlineSigned: 16:42, 29/05/2021
dfm2udrama live dfm2u drama onlineSigned: 16:24, 29/05/2021
"Also share it with your friends and family so they can also enjoy watching all">"
Kelly PopeSigned: 00:38, 23/05/2021
Charles GregoireSigned: 04:25, 22/05/2021
Alice PenningtonSigned: 01:38, 20/05/2021
Oscar DaveySigned: 17:33, 19/05/2021
Pascale BRUNETSigned: 01:18, 19/05/2021
"Un grand oui. Unissons-nous et ce monde naîtra."
Joseph kelleherSigned: 04:41, 17/05/2021
"The old system is rotten to the core, I cannot be fixed, and even if it could be, it's not what we want there is an incredibly bright future for humanity to grasp, now is the moment to take the bull by the horns?"
Sunny Abdollahi Signed: 04:40, 17/05/2021
Laisa Santos LaySigned: 16:27, 16/05/2021
Itamar LeskovSigned: 19:10, 13/05/2021
"Acredito e apoio esta ideia e gostaria de auxiliar na divulgação."
solange kamgaSigned: 13:34, 13/05/2021
Josef Barlow-FarrarSigned: 11:28, 13/05/2021
Thomas HollSigned: 21:43, 11/05/2021
"Sehr schöne Leitsätze"
Emily BurfootSigned: 10:15, 10/05/2021
Patrick VasySigned: 08:26, 10/05/2021
Isabelle LassortSigned: 08:18, 09/05/2021
Ghislaine TaraSigned: 03:32, 09/05/2021
"Depuis 40 ans j'ai vu ce monde sans argent. Je sais que c'est ce monde le bonheur de l'Humanité. Et que nous l'avons vécu il y a des millenaires.C'est vivre la bienveillance, l'ouverture des cœurs. Si j'en parle on me traite de bisounours. J'ai toujours vu le monde avec l'argent comme une aberration, un esclavage, une torture, une mise sous contrôle. Ce monde pour fonctionner dans l'harmonie doit être dénué de sentiments attachés au profit, au rapport de force, de tous les sentiments de domination et d'exploitation de l'autre, de la Terre. Depuis que j'ai vu ce monde il y a ....années, je sais que j'appartiens à ce monde mais le vivrai je un jour ?Je suis plutôt au soir de ma vie. Je l'ai vécu au fond de moi, en m'y réfugiant parfois, en le rêvant réalité. "

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