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Logan ErneSigned: 10:17, 19/10/2021
"I would fully love a world like this. However, I am skeptical of the humanity of those who hold power to relinquish it for the sake of their fellow humans. I sincerely hope that they let go, like in Buddhist scripture, and see the universe like those who are enlightened."
Judeson Fernandez Signed: 13:09, 18/10/2021
Tatiana TalkiySigned: 11:12, 03/10/2021
Maupilé StéphaneSigned: 19:18, 01/10/2021
Anke StiboySigned: 13:57, 01/10/2021
Richard TaylorSigned: 07:56, 29/09/2021
"You have my full support. Richard Taylor Founder, CEO Fifth Harmonic Global Solutions "
Randall HuppSigned: 16:20, 28/09/2021
Jelena VujacicSigned: 22:04, 27/09/2021
Rose DohenySigned: 20:46, 23/09/2021
Tonny LangSigned: 23:05, 22/09/2021
Scott RobertsSigned: 02:47, 22/09/2021
Pablo HessSigned: 13:25, 21/09/2021
Tibor LaposSigned: 08:33, 21/09/2021
"Volam sa Tibor Lapoš a pred 14-tymi rokmi som prekonal mŕtvicu vo veku 43 rokov po ktorej som sa neuveriteľne zmenil, skôr by som povedal že prebudil a začal vnímať svet a cely vesmír z pohľadu kvantovej fyziky o ktorej som pred tym nemal ani základne vedomosti. Začal som všetko dianie vnímať viac srdcom a to ma intuitívne naviedlo aj na tuto stránku a chartu slobodného sveta ktorá je úplne v súlade s mojim svetonázorom a vnímaním ďalšieho vývoja našej civilizácie a aj celého vesmíru.V prípade akejkoľvek témy ma môžete kontaktovať. S láskou ku každému a všetkému čo existuje Tibor"
Halle PerrelliSigned: 01:24, 21/09/2021
"I am sick of this capitalistic bullshit"
James O'NeillSigned: 18:14, 16/09/2021
Pascal-Peter LoosSigned: 17:22, 16/09/2021
Arjun ThandiSigned: 13:53, 16/09/2021
Aysan AhmadiSigned: 21:37, 14/09/2021
Issa IbrahimSigned: 13:12, 10/09/2021
Nikolai PenaSigned: 14:06, 08/09/2021
"Sometimes I think having a monetary system was never a good thing even so many thousands of years ago. Just another excuse to have status over others is what it boils down to for me."
Zimbabwe ZimbabweSigned: 03:50, 08/09/2021
"Zimbabwe Also this charter is the stupidest shit I've read in my life, it's like some folks' brains stay stuck at age 5"
Marcos Baptista SilvaSigned: 22:23, 07/09/2021
Vladimir GuillenSigned: 07:07, 05/09/2021
Eveline GriederSigned: 21:55, 03/09/2021
Laura CarraleroSigned: 16:43, 02/09/2021
"You have my deepest admiration "
Ieuan StevensonSigned: 21:06, 01/09/2021
Erwin ASigned: 19:54, 01/09/2021
Brennden FlynnSigned: 19:49, 01/09/2021
Pieter Voorwinden Signed: 19:35, 01/09/2021
Charlotte CybeleSigned: 18:51, 01/09/2021
David OrozcoSigned: 18:26, 01/09/2021
Robert RobinetteSigned: 17:27, 01/09/2021
John RobertSigned: 17:07, 01/09/2021
Andy HitchSigned: 16:25, 01/09/2021
Lace FuchsSigned: 16:19, 01/09/2021
"This puts to words what I feel in my heart. Seeing this version of the world would make me feel complete."
Brahamjot SinghSigned: 04:25, 01/09/2021
Simon ZentenoSigned: 04:56, 30/08/2021
"Sorgligt mänsklighet men älskade morsan denna gång haha."
Simon ZentenoSigned: 04:49, 30/08/2021
Frank RehmSigned: 08:41, 28/08/2021
Ulrich BanseSigned: 19:50, 27/08/2021
Marcus BüdenbenderSigned: 18:08, 27/08/2021
Claudia PreißSigned: 14:05, 27/08/2021
Kirsten MewesSigned: 14:03, 27/08/2021
Norbert BobuschSigned: 14:02, 27/08/2021
"Wir sind die Schöpfer unserer Zukunft "
Antoinette RinasSigned: 13:30, 27/08/2021
"Alle Lebewesen dieser Erde haben, sofern sie im Sinne der obigen Prinzipien entsprechen, ihre Daseinsberechtigung und sind gleichwertig."
Heike Markus-SchlingmannSigned: 12:52, 27/08/2021
"Das sollten die Grundlagen für Friede, Freude,Zuversicht ,für die Neue Erde, das Miteinander sein.Das bedeutet Mensch sein zu dürfen wenn wir unsere Mutter Erde und Vater Universum alle Wesenheiten achten ,die Tiere achten und sie alle ??❤️???lieben wie uns selbst."
Ralph DörichtSigned: 12:29, 27/08/2021
Thomas Pitl Signed: 11:55, 27/08/2021
Michael KaiserSigned: 10:18, 27/08/2021
"Es wird Zeit das wir frei werden"
Annette SchulerSigned: 07:10, 27/08/2021

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