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Mekerba AliSigned: 03:28, 19/04/2022
"I agree with all these principles. I really would like to live in a moneyless world... but what are the consequences? "
TIM SalleySigned: 17:51, 16/04/2022
"The return to a healthy life, full of Love for Nature, especially in an “organic way ” is strongly and cruelly attacked by the new world order. We are enthusiastic about the idea of ​​a mass return to the permaculture, to the vegetable gardens, to “fields in balconies”, which would give back to the Earth more oxygen, more strength, more support and to Humans also. BACK TO NATURE, LOVE FOR NATURE, PAST IS THE FUTURE #FOOD, #ECOLOGY, #HEALTHOFHUMANITY, #SURVIVALISM, #THEEARTH, #OURBEAUTIFULPLANET"
Marvin Williams Signed: 15:06, 15/04/2022
Darcy VerevisSigned: 03:22, 10/04/2022
Christopher KirkmanSigned: 00:18, 10/04/2022
"I just want to be free of this madness. The madness of Capitalism and Imperialism."
Alexander Thomas McAlpineSigned: 23:38, 09/04/2022
Filip LhotákSigned: 17:45, 09/04/2022
Patrik MalýSigned: 17:15, 09/04/2022
John GentSigned: 02:05, 09/04/2022
Bradley EverettSigned: 19:46, 06/04/2022
"What a world this would be, I hope to see it someday."
Amanda WorstSigned: 17:40, 06/04/2022
Annalee LawsonSigned: 14:39, 06/04/2022
J MihaliczSigned: 13:51, 06/04/2022
Edmur Santana da SilvaSigned: 10:16, 06/04/2022
Agnieszka PiórkowskaSigned: 07:47, 06/04/2022
Shelly StanchukSigned: 06:40, 06/04/2022
Daniel HirschiSigned: 19:20, 05/04/2022
Clarissa VictorSigned: 18:58, 05/04/2022
Anna GrigorivkerSigned: 18:55, 05/04/2022
Stephanie LaneSigned: 18:48, 05/04/2022
Alex BechtoldSigned: 18:04, 05/04/2022
"Ein traum der wahrscheinlich nie war wird aber mit meiner stimme näher an die realität dringt"
Roni SaleretSigned: 18:04, 05/04/2022
"We whant a free world know!!!!"
Kiril Arizanov Signed: 17:25, 05/04/2022
Domini Magpantay Signed: 01:59, 01/04/2022
"A "Life Reformation" embracing this Ten Principles is an Ideal and Sound idea."
Miranda ThompsonSigned: 04:38, 31/03/2022
Cody Don BarlowSigned: 05:54, 30/03/2022
"We ourselves are the laws of one"
Andrew McfarlaneSigned: 19:31, 28/03/2022
"Very worthy. just one rather large problem - getting human beings to live by it!"
Daryl MillerSigned: 17:02, 27/03/2022
Eon CooperSigned: 02:28, 27/03/2022
Genevieve VaughanSigned: 14:53, 26/03/2022
Alfredo BeferaSigned: 03:55, 24/03/2022
Stepan AuberSigned: 16:54, 21/03/2022
"I am £400k in debt, this is a good idea"
Stepan AuberSigned: 14:12, 21/03/2022
"I am 400k pounds in debt, this is a good idea"
Jane BroomeSigned: 10:47, 20/03/2022
HERONDINES SARAIVA DE FILHOSigned: 04:38, 20/03/2022
Hugh CroftSigned: 18:04, 19/03/2022
Dmitri SchramaSigned: 12:49, 18/03/2022
Luke RowlandsSigned: 19:54, 17/03/2022
"Greed exists at the core of capitalism and without freeing ourselves from greed how can we hope to end the suffering and indignity of all of us? We are born into captialisr slavery, let outlr children be born in to a world free of if, by starting with an open society, that provides all necessities of life free. From that position, implicit instead of explicit trade can flourish, and humanity can unite in a shared common good."
Denise LindenSigned: 18:30, 17/03/2022
Jack RainardSigned: 10:51, 16/03/2022
"The challenge is how to move forward, how to effect change with common consent. "
Fabio GuadagninoSigned: 00:07, 16/03/2022
"questa utopia è l'unica cosa sensata da fare per l'umanità"
Elena SolokhinaSigned: 18:18, 15/03/2022
Martina PasqualiniSigned: 21:44, 14/03/2022
Nevada TaylorSigned: 07:03, 14/03/2022
"I have a great idea to help us get to a world without money. Is there anybody available to hear me out?"
Christine GraceSigned: 21:11, 13/03/2022
"Life IS Given Freely. We ARE The Free Life. Life IS FOR GIVING."
Kirsten JacobSigned: 11:17, 13/03/2022
Jay-Nico SchäferSigned: 05:51, 13/03/2022
Marco BocciSigned: 10:57, 12/03/2022
Gabriel HurfordSigned: 21:42, 11/03/2022

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