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The Free World Charter

"Let's make everything free"

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John JohnSigned: 01:45, 29/03/2018
"Hens nsvbxmbsjei. M bitch hdjbshshsvh"
Gjon JashariSigned: 10:51, 19/03/2016
"Be the change that you wish to see in the world!"
a BSigned: 05:33, 12/03/2016
Richard RichardsonSigned: 22:00, 07/07/2015
Kostika BandilliSigned: 15:23, 05/10/2014
Fidan ShkupolliSigned: 17:23, 01/08/2014
"Sowas hab ich mir als Kind vorgestellt,Super sache!"
Elke DistlerSigned: 11:04, 24/03/2014
"Hallo Ihr Lieben, wunderbar....vielen Dank Herzlichst Elke "
Teuta ZejnoSigned: 23:21, 12/03/2014
Hans Jürgen ThierolfSigned: 14:17, 01/06/2013
"Ich alle Punke untersteichen"
Alket ZeqiriSigned: 21:14, 18/05/2013
Visar HaxhifazliuSigned: 23:20, 26/03/2013
"Please put also Republic of Kosovo at the list of countries. Thnx in advance! Yours, V"
Alda DSigned: 01:47, 25/03/2013
Fatjon HallkajSigned: 14:22, 23/03/2013
daku oilSigned: 23:01, 30/12/2012
arb ekmekciuSigned: 00:07, 20/12/2012
dashamir capaSigned: 20:25, 15/11/2012
Valmir HoxhaSigned: 13:12, 25/10/2012
Najob OsmSigned: 15:32, 14/09/2012
Gjergj KalajaSigned: 14:03, 10/07/2012
Borin LekaSigned: 13:47, 10/07/2012
"It's the only way to peace and equality. "
Edis NdreuSigned: 22:48, 11/05/2012
Aldo DrobonikuSigned: 16:41, 22/04/2012
"inequality that money brings is damageing our socity. I dont like it at all. I suggest waching the recourse based economy founded by Jacque Fresco. Peace on earth"
Harbin hoxhajSigned: 22:37, 16/02/2012
Elton CaushiSigned: 16:41, 14/02/2012
"We are humans , and we will help eachother..."
Arjeta asamatajSigned: 11:49, 09/01/2012
Orges NiloSigned: 11:36, 29/10/2011
"I find this video very nice and this idea are the best for building a better future social community when everybody can live in harmony and more happy , it's true that the larger social problem in the world today is the money . Money is the reason for corruption , poverty , analfabetism and crimes . I agree and vote every one of the up 10 points and congratulate you for this genius ideas you have."
Pancracio TitoSigned: 01:25, 18/10/2011
Aldis AliajSigned: 17:58, 01/09/2011
almir aliajSigned: 22:32, 27/08/2011
Eva SulaSigned: 22:57, 03/07/2011
"I agree with almost everything, but it seems somehow as Utopia for human kind. Hope dies the last though."
Besi OgaSigned: 21:31, 02/07/2011
trifx xSigned: 12:52, 17/05/2011
"Keep up the good work "
Elion GjokaSigned: 14:47, 24/03/2011
"This is the perfect world. All equal, no rich, no poor people. Everybody is happy"
ermal petushiSigned: 12:06, 18/03/2011

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