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The Free World Charter

"Let's make everything free"

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Zmaray SarbanriSigned: 20:59, 23/06/2016
bob doleSigned: 12:29, 05/05/2016
natasha bingSigned: 20:09, 29/06/2014
wagner o corvoSigned: 22:19, 16/04/2014
daniela bravaSigned: 02:38, 09/01/2013
trouduc demedeuxSigned: 16:39, 06/03/2012
Octave NeptuneSigned: 14:55, 05/03/2012
XX MUTLUSigned: 23:29, 05/02/2012
"Drat imperialism!"
omid ahmadiSigned: 01:38, 28/08/2011
zac taylorSigned: 10:42, 04/08/2011
"only problem i see is everyone will need to work for it. and i dont beleve everyone will. but i love the ideal "
Félix LemaitreSigned: 23:23, 17/06/2011
"Peace les man! Yo!"
mad scientistSigned: 05:46, 20/03/2011
"yea right! carry on::D"

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