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The Free World Charter

"Let's make everything free"

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tyler chorltonSigned: 20:06, 08/07/2015
nonpareil99 nicholeSigned: 06:29, 27/02/2015
"warmest regards to you and yours"
Suray FernándezSigned: 19:17, 26/04/2012
saskia soler gilSigned: 19:13, 21/04/2012
Manuel Jesús Arroyo JiménezSigned: 11:40, 21/04/2012
"Si queremos un futuro este es el único que existe..."
yolanda valverdeSigned: 16:30, 19/04/2012
Angel LightSigned: 21:09, 20/03/2012
"~ the new world will be as verY-verY soon ~ this IS INevitable !!! ~"
Maria Katia Aragón ManchaSigned: 07:46, 20/03/2012
"no esta España , lo he rebisado 3 veces. Estoy muy deacuerdo con la carta. Que asi sea por el bien y la evolución del ser humanos y todos los seres que viven en este maravilloso planeta."
JOAN TORNER SALTOSigned: 13:15, 05/03/2012
Marc Brustenga SunyerSigned: 11:00, 29/02/2012
"There is a huge question to be made now: either we break down our borders for becoming at the end many very small states, as it is happening, or we totally break borders; do you imagine Europe really breaking borders?? I do not, eventhough they presume to be doing it, it is bullshit, for gaining power towards america, russia and china, basically. So, in y opinion we should become small states, villages at the end, each of which be ruled differently, learn to love nature, learn spirituality through love and respect, and help the earth in its changes !!"

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