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The Free World Charter

"Let's make everything free"

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Wanise WaniseSigned: 00:44, 19/05/2024
jean-marc FortanéSigned: 12:49, 16/05/2024
"Bonjour Notre charte et notre méthode de travail sont votre garantie que nous sommes pour le respect des cultures et des traditions . Soyez curieux et revenez vers moi pour parler en visio de solutions aux problèmes que nous rencontrons. A très vite Diffusez largement si vous appréciez. ?"
Nikki DanceySigned: 22:15, 15/05/2024
Eduardo Moura CunhaSigned: 03:01, 15/05/2024
"Isso é urgente!"
Brumă VladSigned: 10:02, 04/05/2024
Aliks HatherallSigned: 10:55, 29/04/2024
lilian barretoSigned: 19:35, 22/04/2024
lilian barretoSigned: 19:34, 22/04/2024
David the Indian FerdinandSigned: 07:40, 22/04/2024
" Time Credit Banking Network (TCBN) Copiosis The Venus Project A FREE World Charter Integrated optimization ABCD plan Today..on..Earth Day April 22, 2024 A Date With Destiny Tony Robbins Tribute Lets FREE up 1"
Annegret NielsenSigned: 09:41, 21/04/2024
Ndubueze OdomSigned: 15:59, 20/04/2024
Lydia AchillesSigned: 20:53, 16/04/2024
Andrea Chizzoni Signed: 12:03, 13/04/2024
Darren RogersSigned: 17:32, 12/04/2024
Staci BurnettSigned: 20:08, 01/04/2024
Merissa ForyaniSigned: 08:16, 31/03/2024
Freja ShamankaSigned: 21:34, 27/03/2024
Zac LorenzenSigned: 01:08, 26/03/2024
Bernard NorrisSigned: 01:37, 20/03/2024
""Let it be so!" - Capitan Picard"
Bernard NorrisSigned: 00:51, 20/03/2024
"Let it be so! -Captain Picard"
Taliesin DaySigned: 13:22, 19/03/2024
Blaine MozyliskySigned: 10:17, 19/03/2024
"ADVICE Consider highlighting Important information? "
Dean Nicholas BratelSigned: 19:35, 18/03/2024
"Always active in work #Truck"
Robert GeorgeSigned: 15:19, 13/03/2024
"We are well beyond the time when we are providing access for all to adequate nutrition, shelter, health care, education and a sustainable environment."
Jacqueline SoatSigned: 02:29, 09/03/2024
Yurle CamposSigned: 22:23, 07/03/2024
"Suena imposible, pero es utópicamente lograble..!"
Mia McGuireSigned: 05:16, 01/03/2024
Michael MountainSigned: 20:11, 28/02/2024
Jeanette TreuheitSigned: 19:50, 27/02/2024
Sanda PotSigned: 10:09, 24/02/2024
"Thank you Colin. "
Riley BarkerSigned: 18:34, 22/02/2024
Frank Keitel Signed: 01:17, 22/02/2024
Annegret NielsenSigned: 09:06, 20/02/2024
Klaus-Peter LiebSigned: 13:17, 18/02/2024
"Ich würde das Konzept schon Morgen umsetzen."
Alexandra NowakSigned: 08:33, 17/02/2024
"Money truly is the root of all evil. Our entire lives would completely change for the better if we sign this today and begin reallocating our time to be spent on making the world better. Instead our world, our energy, is spent being enslaved by the dollar. Living our entire lives, wasting our creative energy and always being in a constant state of lack of.. All for corporate greed. Where is humanity? Do we even know what it means to be human anymore?"
David the Indian FerdinandSigned: 20:14, 15/02/2024
"We need parallel alternative options and TimeBanking does just exactly that..Time comes 1st..then resource allocation and then money/wealth follows. (USA) (UK) & the new TimeBank Africa - Sierra Leone. +5512997315251 David the Indian"
Silvio Ricardo Carvalho PretoSigned: 12:51, 11/02/2024
"Pelo bom caminho, de toda vida na Terra, devemos ser um. Pelo SER. Gratidão ao bem, poder viver!"
Amélia Russo de SáSigned: 09:33, 03/02/2024
Herbi SchneideSigned: 13:42, 02/02/2024
Brenda EvansSigned: 18:46, 31/01/2024
alain stockerSigned: 10:11, 31/01/2024
"JE pour un monde non marchand un respect et de la bien vaillance pour tout le vivant, de tout l'univers."
Dirk Püschel Signed: 09:54, 30/01/2024
Simon CowellSigned: 12:00, 29/01/2024
"Very helpful for my wife’s work"
B. Hanson Signed: 06:36, 27/01/2024
Jane SmithSigned: 20:46, 25/01/2024
Andy LevySigned: 16:22, 25/01/2024
denise wardSigned: 04:44, 25/01/2024
Jodian Rodgers Signed: 10:21, 24/01/2024
Luke MacmichaelSigned: 14:46, 23/01/2024
Jonny LopezSigned: 14:47, 20/01/2024

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