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Roberto Guillermo Alvarado OrtizSigned: 17:43, 24/03/2011
"hi people... im roberto alvarado from tijuana baja california mexico, sorry but im not a good inglish writer as u can see while ill write this text. once ive allready apollogised and intriduce my self i wold like to ask for some information cause here in my country when ill try to use the comun sense and talk about what´s wrong tryng to find solutions for this sick society, the people its more interested in how to get more stupid things. i dont blame the people in my country for being uninformed but i think the best i can do its keep trying and trying cause its the only way to make a difference. my point or what i want its some links for more information to get people attention here in mexico. some kind of strategy i dont know anything to help my people to understand the real deal and set us free from the invisible walls in our brains. Thanks and ill hope you can understand my consern and my spanglish writing...jaja screaming its not enough so ill need to learn more t"

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