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"Vi behöver frigöra oss själva från våra imaginära gränser."

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Vignesh AvasaralaUndertecknat: 23:00, 16/07/2018
"Looking forward to the times when the free world charter will be a living reality. Guided from within to work towards this end, which will be the dawn of a new golden age upon Mother Earth. Lots of love, Vignesh Avasarala"
Anne BrüningUndertecknat: 22:19, 16/07/2018
Ada StonioUndertecknat: 22:10, 16/07/2018
Willmer Antonio Sànchez MendietaUndertecknat: 18:47, 16/07/2018
"En teoría lo que nos diferencia de los demás seres es; ser seres pensantes. ese coeficiente intelectual superior debería ser suficiente para preservar la vida humana y todos los demás seres vivos, cuidar nuestro hogar (planeta), sin embargo la realidad es otra... necesitamos científicos que estudien esos preceptos y encontremos una solución. el control de masas esta para enriquecer a unos pocos... ¿porque, no desaparecemos el dinero? así no tendrían que acumular..."
Linda JoslinUndertecknat: 11:41, 16/07/2018
elena tsonouUndertecknat: 19:42, 15/07/2018
Beverly AlarconUndertecknat: 16:02, 15/07/2018
Giovanni PotitoUndertecknat: 10:04, 15/07/2018
Bev AlarconUndertecknat: 08:58, 15/07/2018
Fabio BaroneUndertecknat: 16:22, 13/07/2018
Glen SalterUndertecknat: 10:15, 13/07/2018
"Our capitalist society fosters greed and is fuelled my exploitation, It suppresses our creativity, freedom, and fulfilment. I want, not to feel like a resource for a corrupt system, but instead be a member and contributor to a better world "
CARLA FERREIRAUndertecknat: 01:18, 13/07/2018
Donald SwensonUndertecknat: 18:38, 12/07/2018
"Visit my website for details on a 💰 less world. "
omur funekUndertecknat: 15:05, 12/07/2018
Daisy JohnsonUndertecknat: 05:36, 12/07/2018
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Ruben AmundsenUndertecknat: 19:25, 11/07/2018
Sajan BajajUndertecknat: 13:42, 10/07/2018
"Myself sajan from India n keen interested to join the project for humanity with part n parcel Pls advise how to become part of community to +919417217993"
Henrique SantosUndertecknat: 00:58, 10/07/2018
Ritesh NirwalUndertecknat: 20:57, 08/07/2018
Ritesh NirwalUndertecknat: 20:41, 08/07/2018
Raymond ChinUndertecknat: 19:47, 07/07/2018
"One people, one planet - one for all and all for one for a better humanity. Only through our unity can we reject the few who seek to manipulate, control, and enslave us trapped in a world dependent on money. “There is no calamity greater than lavish desires.There is no greater guilt than discontentment.And there is no greater disaster than greed.” ― Lao Tzu Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated. Confucius Luke 12:15 Then he said to them, “Watch out! Be on your guard against all kinds of greed; a man's life does not consist in the abundance of his possessions.” 1 Corinthians 6:10 nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God. "
Thiago Sava HunUndertecknat: 14:25, 07/07/2018
"Parabéns pela iniciativa. Devemos resistir. "
Antony GIBBSUndertecknat: 03:01, 07/07/2018
Daniela KöhlerUndertecknat: 19:52, 06/07/2018
gerald lodnerUndertecknat: 22:17, 05/07/2018
William MayoUndertecknat: 07:14, 05/07/2018
Allan Victor paz da silvaUndertecknat: 17:41, 04/07/2018
Danny BrownUndertecknat: 10:34, 04/07/2018
Heather shipmanUndertecknat: 05:58, 04/07/2018
Dalibor PánekUndertecknat: 03:16, 04/07/2018
"Jak se mohu zapojit do Vaší organizace?"
Peter LeightonUndertecknat: 01:07, 04/07/2018
Dominique SpickUndertecknat: 15:22, 03/07/2018
Shaik HussainUndertecknat: 13:34, 03/07/2018
"This is what i was thinking about for quiet some time now. I am currently doing my graduation in Computer Science Engineering and this is what i wanna do with the power of Artificial Intelligence, create a society with no money, class, divisions and castes. A world where all of us are free."
Angus MctavishUndertecknat: 05:35, 03/07/2018
Nuno Mendes Undertecknat: 14:52, 01/07/2018
"Honestly, let´s try the impossible!"
Timo JörissenUndertecknat: 23:28, 30/06/2018
Phil HurstUndertecknat: 12:52, 30/06/2018
Nailson GuilhermeUndertecknat: 03:22, 30/06/2018
Marites GraceUndertecknat: 21:34, 29/06/2018
Shawn EppleyUndertecknat: 16:22, 29/06/2018
Shawn EppleyUndertecknat: 14:36, 29/06/2018
Janete De FreitasUndertecknat: 23:01, 28/06/2018
Angela XimenströmUndertecknat: 21:32, 28/06/2018
"Everything is impermanent. Life before profit. You can't hate someone if you know their story."
Edineuza MatosUndertecknat: 02:30, 27/06/2018
"Meu seu nosso lindo planeta."
Zdeněk GrůzaUndertecknat: 12:21, 26/06/2018
Gene Bremner Undertecknat: 00:36, 26/06/2018
Roderyk NemyroffUndertecknat: 19:16, 25/06/2018
Bruna SouzaUndertecknat: 18:59, 25/06/2018
Ry LuUndertecknat: 16:51, 25/06/2018
Florian GuyUndertecknat: 13:47, 25/06/2018

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